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Now that's what I'm talking about!

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Oh, protein in the grape juice. I know what you are talking about when you say spiders in the grapes. Eeewww.


Oh my gosh, annjax, it wasn't my mother or grandmother who drove me crazy - I loved both of those ladies (who hailed from Southern Illinois). It was the heat in the kitchen! Before the San Fernando Valley became wall to wall houses, we'd go out to the orchards and buy lugs of apricots, peaches, pears and can them. Then we'd go downtown in the summer smog to my great-aunt's driveway and reach up for the Concord grapes my mother climbed up and cut off the vine. (Talk about spiders!!!) We'd boil that down for juice so Mom could make the grape jelly. Then we lived like kings all winter!! I still think home canned fruit is one of the wonders of the world!! Thanks for the memories!!


Thanks for sharing your memories annjax.


As a kid I used to hate the Freestone ones when they ripened. It was torture to me having to sit with those gossipy old ladies, peeling peaches, slicing them for canning, while all that juice ran all down my arms & dripped everywhere, leaving your fingers all wrinkly & insensitive. What a hellish way for a kid to have to spend a Summer day. BUT--- come winter I just couldn't seem to get enough of all the wonderfully delicious things that could be made from home-canned peaches! All was forgiven! Until next year! Thanks for the memories, chickie. :-))..............


Oh robyn, that sounds wonderful!


YUM! I see Peach Teacake when I look at these!! A layer of cake mixture, a layer of sliced peaches with brown sugar & cinnamon, another layer of cake mixture then slices of peach arranged around the top - and baked to perfection!! It's always a winner here Sandy!! I can almost smell it already!!!


Oh, spiced peaches. Sounds yummy Beekay.


My Gram would can her extra peaches. A jar of her spiced peaches in mid-January was like having nectar from the Gods!


Oddio - in music hall, people sitting at the front in the orchestra stalls used to suck lemons sometimes so that the musicians couldn't play for dribbling.


I think that it is peachfuzzphobia chickie. A very rare condition, 1 in every million pumpkinheads come down with this illness.


I wonder if there is a name for the phobia of which you speak Suzy? You wouldn't be able to touch the top of my brother's head. He shaves it and on the second day, it feels just like a peach. LOL

They are Graci and thanks for the song Shirley.


I'll take a peck of those babies, fuzz and all!


The Doris Day song came to mind when I opened this puzzle, A bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck.... got nothing to do with these delicious looking peaches though :))))


They look delicious!


Of course you are one of a kind, Punkinhaid, but I have known others that had that same reaction to fuzzy peaches. :>)

Ever known someone who was rendered speechless if they saw someone eating a lemon slice? Just puckered up and could not form words... !


No gloves. If Jim really, really wants peaches (I am the grocery shopper), I ask some stranger or the produce man to put them in the bag for me (while I turn away).


Too funny Suzy. You can use gloves you know. Peach fuzz is harmless, now spideys on the other hand, that could be a problem.

Wish I could send some to you eyes.

Yes, I have noticed ebkrueg. The is scary. You never know how strict their pesticide programs are and I try to avoid such products at all cost.

They are Gene.

Ok oddio, we can have the peaches and ice cream under the shade tree on those huge benches. There is plenty of room for all of us.


Mmmm... that pie or the peach crisp... I'll bring a tub of home-made ice cream, just to top it off.


Yep they looking good :-)))


. . . and then you leave them for a while to ripen and they rot instead :-((( Try leaving a few of them in a paper bag, that seems to help.

Ever notice all the canned peaches lately come from China?? What's up with that!!!


I'm thinking peach ice cream, peach cheesecake, peach juice running down my chin. The ones we get in UK are mealy or hard and grip their stones like grim death.


They look wonderful, Sandy!


Ya gotta touch 'em to put 'em in the water. Before that, ya gotta touch 'em to put them in a bag to get 'em home. It's all just a bad, bad thing, all that fuzz touching. :(


I'm thinking peach crisp JiggyBelle.

Me too Ank.


O boy, salivating.


Oh boy! I see peach pie on the horizon! My hips are NOT ready for that! LOL


I went with the 1/2 peck one aggie. They were pretty close to ripe.

Thank you Dave and Suzy.

Suzy, you can par boil them and the skin comes off easily.

Did you feel them? Were they soft or like baseballs? Georgia, send some of your great peaches up north, we love them.


I think this is pretty, but not sure. I did it with my eyes closed. Peach fuzz gives me the willies!!!


Nice photo, Sandy! I agree about the cling free ones, but the name Flaming Fury does draw me in....


These (the first ones of the season) are cling peaches. After that will come the free stone ones and they are the best (sweet and juicy).


YUMMM!!! I am salivating! They look perfect!