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Electronics are no longer made to be repaired. They've made them so cheap that it doesn't pay to fix them. Pity our poor dumps.


Stevem and June.... Guess we live in a throw a way world. When you can't fix toss it away.


so when it goes wrong we haven't a clue, I believe that once upon a time people could fix their own cars!


All very true, but at least in those days we understood how everything worked. Nowadays, people have no idea at all!


Love those stories, glad we are in a more modern age.


The first fax machine was abominable. It was this big roller contraption. I remember having to get on the phone with the other party and ask if they were ready. Then I put the piece of paper that I wanted to fax on this roller and clip it in, put the phone headset in the cradle, and hit send. It would go line by line scanning through it and took forever. At the end of it, I'd have to pick up the phone, ask if they received it, and go on to the next page, and so on. It was incredibly time-consuming. Carrier pigeon could have gotten it there faster. That was in the early 70s.


I learned to type on an old fashioned string driven thing, the keys used to get a bit bent and all clump together in the middle. Had to hit the keys hard and still do on my laptop, old habits die hard. First automated machine I used was some kind of teleprinter that shot out reams of paper all over the floor in somebody elses office. that was in 1960, loved that machine it fascinated me.


Ah, my son had one of these as a teen, in the 1980's, and it was amazing to me! We came a long way from the beginnings of computers to get to it, and we've come an exponentially longer way in the short time since... :-)))


That's an oldie....


Octomom... the first computer I worked or should I say computers. were the ones you had to wired and used a deck of cards to put the programs in for what ever you want it to do. Key punch for information, name and figures, then the sorted of these cards, then collate then print on another machine. This was all before PC's came out.


I used to work in a law office and remember electric typewriters from the early 60s, the IBM Mag Cards from the early 70s, and the earliest IBM word processor, which only processed words, of course. That's when things were more simple and easier to use.


Denise.. that is ok you do not remember some of these items. I used to run a small business using these type of computers. It was amazing how much business you got from these small computers.


Is this what we used 10 years ago?? I cant even remember that far back. Sorry I can't comment on the other 2 posts. I have never seen them before. Thanks so much Jan