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Restored cottage, Horningsea, Cambridgeshire. Photo by John Sutton

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Hallo Phyllis, this was a bit of a wreck judging by the photos that were taken. I think a fantastic job has been done on this and that the architect hasn't tried to modernise the cottage. Thanks...Sue


Beautifully restoration, lovely crisp lines and the whole picture a delight!
Thanks Sue.


Looks a thousand times better than the run down cottage it was before it was restored. I'd love to see what the interior looks like. Thanks Kari...Sue

The chimney might be a wee big, but it gives the cottage a lot of character I think. I looks very nicely restored - whitewashed and clean. Thanks Sue! :-))


Hi everyone. This chimney's way out of proportion to the cottage but impressive nevertheless. I saw some pictures of this place before it was restored and I think the builders have done an excellent job.
Denise glad the signals ok and you liked this puzzle. Eb the fireplace will be spacious with that chimney. Joyce :-)))) kevin I agree with you.
Thank you...Sue


Quite the style for a small cottage. Thanks, Sue - kevin


What is it with chimneys Joyce:? :-))


Hi Denise ~ You bet I love this chimney...WOW, it's so big for this house!! Love the thatched roof and that fantastic tiled roof area too. Thanks again Sue!! :))))
(time, 4:54)


Joyce will like this chimney:-) Beautifuly restored and thatched. Thanks very much sue:-))
My signal is holding out, I hope it remains like this:-)


Beautifully done - with an inglenook???