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The Adelaidec 1849

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Thanks, Phyllis - shall check out June's.
I think it's wonderful that you have all that information.


What a great memory you have Francine. Anna will be 7 on Saturday. We had tea with her family tonight, little miss she is too:-))) She is still wakening her mum and dad around 4am, but kicking the wall and laughing, almost every night. I need my sleep I'm afraid, C&B seem to manage though.

S'mae Colind4 and Peggy Sue. It's amazing what one uncovers when doing one's Family Tree, from a rich family [we were the poor relations] to political Unionists and Chartists too. Convict records are very interesting. They show the age, gender, colour of both hair and eyes, height and weight of the convict, why they were transported and for how long they were transported for. What their occupation was and sometimes their behaviour.

As an aside, I am in contact with descendents of Joseph's family, the ones left behind and the family he had in Australia, we all, John [Yorkshire] Christopher [Melbourne] and me {NZ] share the same GGG'grandparents.

Have you all seen the amazing puzzles that Juneshone is posting? Each day she posts one about the towns the protestors went through on their march to London [The 1836 Jarrow March] it is so interesting and well worth following.

Blessings to you all - Phyllis


S'mae, Phyllis. I also find it interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.
BTW, your lovely Anna's birthday is around this time, isn't it? Hope you and yours are doing well.


How interesting, Phyllis! fascinating, actually, to have a live piece of history before us like this! Thank you so much - Diolch yn fawr :))


Thanks for the history, very interesting.


June, my GGGuncle was deported for life on this ship, 1849. He was a Chartist. In 1848 Joseph Constantine & Joseph Radcliff were leading a ?Chartist Rally? in Ashton under Lyne at which a constable Bright was shot and killed. As a leader my Joseph was held to be responsible, and was sent to Liverpool, appeared at the Assize Court and was sentenced to be transported to Australia. From his convict record he was 21 years of age, married with 2 children, whom he never saw again.

Another 'start' of the Union/labour/Work [or lack of] which led to so many of the Strikes and protest marches like the one June is recording on the Jarrow March in 1936.