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Never believed in love at first sight before

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Thank you, Mimi, and I trust that all the "right " messengers show up to offer their advice and blessings..
Merry Christmas, because it is Christmas now or will be in just s few minutes!


Just read your comment JJ and my heart was touched by the dilemma. I shall be praying for wisdom for you and for him too, and a wonderful future for both of you however it turns out!


grgrma- THANK YOU for sharing your experience of love at first sight. I just recently met a geologist from Europe (ahough he has dual citizenship American and Scottish...he has already written me upon his return that he knows he wants to marry me. His wife died of Leukemia 10 years ago and he is now 54 and says he is ready to move forward with his life now. I am scared, I am perplexed yet I am happier than I have ever been ! But yet I feel as if we have known each other for a very long time and I think he is every thing that I have been looking for in a man...Part of my brain tells me that this just cannot be real...yet on some level it does seem as if we were made for each other! Your sudden appearance on this puzzle and on the Good night puzzle.. is really amazing to me..and I can remember someone asking me a long time ago if I believen in love at first sight..I said, "No, well, the times that I have seen it work out for the two people is if they both feel equally strong about it" And ....
it is so scarey..but I think I do feel as strongly as he does..I just never thougth it would happen to me..!!! Thank you for letting me know that it is indeed possible!!

I believe in love at first sight. I met the love of my life 54 years ago on Dec. 21st. We started going steady a week after we met. We both knew the minute we met that we were met for each other and that we would get married sometime.


Sweet one.




had a laugh really cute.


Cute :-)