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A Dress with Few Redeeming Qualities.

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I know it Judiths, nothing English about her. I was reading a comment written by a Daily Mail reader which stated that Diana would have loathed Meghan and seen right through her...I am not sure she is as bad as that...But there is something there which I truly do not like.


Bit different to our Liverpool ladies eh Cyprien, dislike dress, cannot see style of it,. An interesting couple, hope they make each other happy for a long time, I still cannot forget her mother's dignified persona at the wedding, an amazing woman.


I don't generally get emotionally attached to famous people, but I vividly remember where I was when the news of Princess Diana's accident and death came over the news on TV. I cried for the end of what could/should have been a real-life fairy tale......


She can't be blamed for her family and so-called friends' bad behavior.


I didn't start off disliking her, however the more her family and former friends talk to the press, the more I think that Harry made a wrong choice.
Allegedly a former friend of hers told a magazine she made her first husband sign a "pregnancy contract" it seems to strange to just make that up... Kate Middleton never had that kind of nonsense in the press about her. And also with the way Meghan's father and sister behave and how false her father makes me think that in some ways Meghan is not that different from him.
I will say it, I think she is unsuitable.


Yes I did. Most definitely. I give this marriage four years max.


Just because someone wears a veil with the commonwealth countries represented on them, doesn't a philanthropist make.
Harry has always been a bit of a rebel, however I think he would have married Cressida Bonas or Chelsea Davy had they wanted to take on royal life and all the press coverage associated with it.
I guarantee the Queen and his Father wishes he had.


Nice defense, sandrine!


I appreciate all your comments and glad you enjoyed the puzzle however~ x


I don't like the dress and try as I might, I cannot warm to Meghan Markle. She has a simply awful father and half-sister, always talking to the press. Ugh.
The dress looks like paneling.


I saw it on TV this morning and it did look sort of drapey, so we can blame the wind. A rather lomg train for a walk on the beach, but it looked nice.

I quite like this dress. The pattern reminds me of some beautiful baskets.

She looked cool and comfortable, on what was a quite hot day on the beach. We all loved the pair of them. So genuine and friendly. Thanks for this puzzle, Cyprien.


I think the dress cught a breeze and balooned. It's probably made of a soft material that would normally have a nice drape to it.