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Circles In Circles (Medium)

144 pieces
237 solves
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Hi there again! LOL! it takes one to know one, as I keep telling you! Merci beaucoup, ma cherie!

Pat, this is absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! Your design sense is so darned wonderful.


Thanks so much, Cheryl--I guess I do like to "share" anything and everything I can think of! LOL! :-)))


Pat, I love your brilliant contrasting colors. And that is not to mention all the wonderful info you shar with us here. Thanks a lot!!!


Thank Google, Edie!

When I was in Gloucester, I read a Robert Heinlein book about time travel, written in the late 1950's, but which starts in 1970 and jumps to 2000 and 2001. As was typical of science fiction back then, he thought space colonies and ubiquitous robots and self-driving cars and cures for the common cold would be available by now, but his character still had to go to a bank for cash to buy things--he didn't imagine credit cards--and when he needed to research the name of a book or who owned a property or when someone got married, he had to go to the library or town hall or a church office and search through the records by hand--there was no looking anything up on a computer. I thought it was fascinating to see how much further we've come in some ways, and how far behind we are in others.......


Thanks for the info Pat.


Thanks, whatnauts! :-)))


Nice one! Thanks, PD :))))


James Anthony Bailey (July 4, 1847 ? April 11, 1906) was a circus ringmaster. He is NOT the Somers Bailey, but Hachaliah Bailey, mentioned below, is the Somers one, and James took that name. This is from Wikipedia:

"Orphaned at the age of eight, James Anthony McGuinness was working as a bellhop in Pontiac, Michigan when he was discovered by Frederic Augusta Bailey (a nephew of circus pioneer Hachaliah Bailey) as a teenager. Bailey gave McGuiness a job as his assistant and the two traveled together for many years. James Anthony eventually adopted Bailey's surname to become James A. Bailey. Bailey later associated with James E. Cooper and, by the time he was 25, he was manager of the Cooper and Bailey circus. He then met with P.T. Barnum and together they established Barnum and Bailey's Circus (for which Bailey was instrumental in obtaining Jumbo the Elephant) in 1881. In 1919, Barnum and Bailey's joined with the Ringling Brothers to form the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus."


Well I see I'm not the only one who was thinking 'circus'. Is this the Bailey of Barnum and Bailey?


The greatest show on earth! Actually, the town right next to us where our son lives, Somers, NY, is called The Cradle of the American Circus, because a man named Bailey bought an elephant to do farm work. It attracted so much attention, however, that he began touring the Northeast with it, and and others followed suit. Eventually he settled back down, and the animal acts merged with the old style circus, forming the modern type. His elephant was Old Bet, and there's still a hotel he built there in Somers by that name. :-)))


Oooo!! The circus is coming to town!! Wonderfully bright and colourful, thanks so much Pat :~)