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Hummingbird59 are more than welcome :-)


Kirsten, Not sure if this could be defined as a collage or not? I started from scratch.....a blank canvas....and went from there. I had tried to create a collage from scratch last week but could not pull my separate images together to create I ended up using a collage filter then. But instead of using images that I had already created, I finally managed to figured it out and ended up with this. Very fun and interesting :-) And you are more than welcome. Always good to know that solving the puzzle was as much fun as creating it :-)))))


Roerick, you brought a great big smile to my face!!!!! :-) Thanks!!! So glad that you were feeling up to the challenge. Are you feeling better or does the flu still have you under the weather a bit?

Thanks for all the interesting elements.


Hmm, do I detect another collage here - that you busted out of in a big way Kathy? LOL. It was fun, as ever. Thanks very much. :)))


I really liked all of your puzzles tonight, but this one is especially beautiful. I loved the colors but the individual triangles were the most fun and gave me the devil of a time. Loved it. Thanks.