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Cache River Cypress Swamp ~ Southern Illinois

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I don't like snakes, spiders, mice, bees or... In the desert we have tons of Rattlers and yes they strike quickly and they can be deadly! Baby rattlers are supposed to be more potent than their elders! Or so I've heard! I've come across quite a few in my days, they are very scary! You have lot's more nerve than me chickiemama because I wouldn't go near any snake, not ever!


Thank you Hanne. Yes, I have touched many snakes.


Ohh, it certainly looks interesting!! Did you ever touch one? I did and it was soft as silk, a python it was. Thanks so very much Sandy!!


haha PLG. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


Wow, Chickie. I don't feel like I have a fear of snakes. At least not an unnatural fear of them. But when I read how you have moved copperheads, -- well, -- I wouldn't have the nerve to do that!


I hope I never meet up with one snooker. They are down here, but haven't seen one (so far). There is a road down here in the Shawnee Forest that gets closed to motor vehicles for 6 wks in the spring and in the fall. There is a wetland on one side and a rock formations on the other. The road is closed to protect the reptiles that cross the road before and after hybernation. People are allowed to walk on the road to observe the reptiles. I have always wanted to go down there to take a look see. Maybe some pics. Hopefully, I will remember in the spring.

Talking about younger snakes, chickie, we were in a state park and came across a rattler on a path. Only about a foot long. The warden said after that the small ones are very unpredictable and therefore more dangerous as far as he was concerned.


haha Celeste. Thanks


im with ya there on the snakes and mice.. but them ol 8 legged critter.. NO WAY.. giggles
Great shot Chickie


Looks that way, doesn't it david.


I don't think he passed that breathalyzer test...


LOL, she won't let it go!


You probably changed her life for ever!


Thank you lyndee. Ha, morris. I have a cousin who won't let me forget the time I chased her with a garder snake when we were in grade school. LOL


You are braver than I am, chickie!!


Nice picture chickie. Don't like spiders or snakes or mice or bees or....


They are morris, but this was a little one (easier to handle) and I made a snake catcher with a fishing pole. I ran a heavy string through it with a loop at the end. I pulled it tight around it's neck and carried it down to the woods and loosened the loop. I think rattlers might be quicker to strike. Don't know. Never encountered one. They just look more scary.


Aren't copper heads just as poisonous?


I didn't know that either until I moved south from Northern Illinois jcarroll.

snooker, a rattler would prob. stop me in my tracks though, if one surprised me on a narrow path. I have moved copperheads from near the house down to the woods, but have never dealt with a rattler.

Thank you jcarroll and snooker.

Never knew that there was a cypress swamp in IL. I'm with you chickie, snakes and mice are fine but keep the spiders far away.


Such a great picture, Chickie! And Illinois HAS a swamp! Amazing!


Ha! Thanks Ank.


Then I keep the spiders if you keep the snakes, we can share the mouses.
Love this pic.


Nor am I afraid of mice, but never come at me with a spider!!!!


Thanks Graciela. You are right morris. I am not afraid of snakes. ( :


Makes a really good puzzle! chickie has no fear, Gracie!


Snake? Scary place chickie, but makes a good puzzle!


This is a path left by a snake in the duckweed floating on the water.