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Seahawk Fans!

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Saw this house up the road a mile or two. GO HAWKS!


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Way to go Sea Hawks , I was pulling for them . Our Detroit lions choke and also suck.


Now you're the funny one! I was fixing to run clean the nice when you get that good smell when you walk-in. HA! (I use Lysol bath cleaner, bleach, and windex). Have fun watching the Seahawks.


That is a good tip! Thank you! Payton is fine......but, you never know? Every friend I have have furry
children so the tip just might come in very handy! I am taking a quick break........been doing a
"Spic and Span" house is part of my ritual prior to a Seahawk can they possibly win if my house is dirty! lol


Oh, just thought "by chance" it may be. Finished the coffee and on the computer. Carol, my cat Mister had tiny bumps on his back, and I googled "use Skin-so-soft on pets, and it said I could put on my hands and rub together and put on his back, which I did, and you know what? Today he's almost cured. Called my cat friend (she has 7 and 1 dog), and she said Shea Butter is also good, so I googled per her recommendation, and its like $16.99, about $21. with shipping, but is also great for their dry skin in the winter. I'm gonna get some. Thought you may be familiar with, or interested, and maybe it'll help someone else if they read this. Comes for dogs and cats. I know my favorite lotion is St. Ives with oatmeal and shea butter, and it makes my hands so soft!

Have a great day!


Hi Flkatz, I looked and it is not us. ;( Spelling was different. Have a great Sunday...........I am drinking coffee (my Sunday treat) and playing on the computer (what else is!


Carol. There's a puzzle of madj2 that she has now on the 2nd page, but it may be later when you see it, but it's called "On the port Whidbey." Wonder if it's on the island you live on???



I'm in the Okanagan and last night had dinner in a restaurant and they were the main topic in the room. Thanks for the puz.


Hi Patsyanne44. Awesome, we love the support. We are in the States but I am Canadian by birth (North Vancouver) and my boss is Canadian (Burnaby). :))))

People here in B.C. are going crazy over the Seahawks too, So yeah! GO HAWKS!