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A Flower Parade For Ank's Birthday!

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I hope your day is extra special--here's a parade of flowers just for you! :-)))


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You're very welcome, Ank--I'm so glad your day was a good one!

Thanks, Edie--these are some flowers that will attract all my butterflies, I hope! :-)


You know what Ank likes, that for sure Pat. Hope you managed to relax a bit today Ank. Thanks Pat


Thanks Pat and Ardy. Yesterday was busy in a very nice way. I'm spoiled by so many friends. Thanks for helping to make my day so beautiful. :-)))


Thanks, Ardy! I am so bad at keeping track of birthdays--I really should wait to post the extra puzzle (the one I post only in small, with links, or, on the other days, making those links public one by one) until after I've gone through the new puzzles others have posted, so I'll have time to catch up with the happy events... :-)))


Delightful, Pat.. Perfect for Ank. Thanks.

Ank, by now you should be sleeping so I'll say Happy day after.


Thanks for adding your good wishes here, Faye and Lorna! :-)))


Happy birthday, Ank! I'm sorry that I don't keep track of birthdays very well, so it was a surprise for me when I saw all your birthday puzzles today! I'll post this one publicly tomorrow--I had already used up all the slots by the time I saw that it was your day... Yes, it's made with Paint--I use the free-form cropping tool, where I start with a black background, then outline the shapes I want--when I then crop those shapes, it removes the black and leaves a blank space for my colors. I don't know why I find it easier to draw this way than with the brush, the way a normal person would, but I do! LOL! I hope your day was wonderful in every way!


Aww love this flower parade, it's a favorite :--) Thanks so much Pat. It's a real nice one. Did you paint this with Paint too? I mean just painting with it is very difficult. It's lovely , thanks. I'm glad you join my party too. And the other friends, thanks. Thank you all.:-))))


And more happy birthday wishes Ank! Great flower parade!


Great creation, Pat! I think I might have just one more HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANK! LOL


Thanks, Jana, I hope she does! You have a great weekend too! :-)))


Thank you so much Pat, Ank will love your flower parade, Hugs, have a great weekend :-)))))))