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Goofie: Oh my...that's a big blue bird

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There was a police helicopter circling rather low over our area searching for a missing person.
Funny enough Goofie finds it very interesting and isn't scared at all of the noise:))


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Thanks Marilyn for liking my garden. I'm honored to know it motivates you to work on yours. I never knew I had it in me, but since I had to, it makes me feel proud I manage and I enjoy the result which I gladly share with you all here on Jigidi:))


gemstone...that must have been scary to know he was this close!

Back then I was glad they found the druggie with their helicopter search...I would have been real scared if he had chosen my garden to hide!!

By day I feel safe enough to go out, but when darkness falls I don't like to be out especially not on my own.


I enjoy the pictures of your garden and I get motivated to work on mine. Someday I will have a nice garden in half of my backyard. The other half of the backyard belongs to my husband and the dogs. They like to play fetch so they need an area to run and be rambunctious.


Glad you are all safe!!! Living on the river and on the approach to the airport, we have not only helicopters frequently passing over, but occasionally the hovercraft and police zodiacs...once my husband spotted a sniper hiding in our foliage watching across the river. Turns out it was an RCMP "take down" from Richmond but the Vancouver Police were only made aware of it when we phoned 911.


LOL Rebecca, I can almost see it happen, you tell it very lifelike:))
Sometimes when Goofie panics and comes running in from the garden he has to make a right turn to go up the stairs, but when his feet are wet and he's on full speed you see the similar picture you descriped of your sister's cats:)))


My sister had 2 cats. There was a phone on the wall in her kitchen, and a high bar stool right under it. The cats liked to sit there & watch her while she fixed food. But if the phone would ring - PANIC! And when they hit the bare floor, they couldn't get traction, so their feet would be going in a blur of motion, but they'd hardly be moving. It was like watching cartoon cats whose feet were drawn in a circular blur, but they never moved. Over many years, they never could learn that nothing bad happened to them when the phone rang!


Hi Brie, I'm amazed to read about Tootsie and Topshelf watching the storm and fireworks!!!
But isn't it just amazing though that a noisy helicopter doesn't scare Goofie while my dindong doorbell and visitors and (almost) anything else makes him run up the stairs like mad?!:))

I guess I can state that the (only) thing Goofie is not afraid of is a helicopter!!:)) It's a good thing though, since June also a trauma helicopter landing platform is in use at the hospital (abt.50 mtrs. from my home) and almost daily one crosses right over my house!

My liquorice puzzle....I posted it with a big smile on my face, because I knew the alarm bells would go off at l...m.... :)))))


Indeed a great story about the cows Rebecca, your poor doggy:))

A couple of years ago there was a police helicopter hanging over our gardens even lower than yesterday, we could actually see the men inside!! Goofie wasn't afraid at all(??) and kept watching this big "bird". I've seen documentaries of helicopter police and how they operate. I wonder whether or not they taped their action when Goofie was watching THEM, because I would love to see how he looks from up there:))

They were hanging this low then because they were searching for a (junky)boy who had killed his mother in her own home (abt.300 metres from us) and ran. They found him hiding in somebody's garden not far from mine!


BTW Impie, I haven't done the liquorice all sorts yet but I note premiere place LOL!!


I love the way Goofie sits, lord of all he surveys, and watches the helicopter as if he hasn't a care in the world. Rebecca, I love the story about the cows! I think I would run too if one came up close - they are so big!! Tootsie and Topshelf are not bothered by storms or fireworks - they sit on the window ledge and watch!


That IS unusual! It reminds me of the time we were driving cross country with our medium-small dog. We got out at a rest stop in the middle of farm country, and strolled along a field of cows. The dog had never been anywhere near animals as big as a cow, so we were very surprised when she was extremely excited by them. Then, as they slowly strolled over to check her out, and in her view, got bigger and bigger, she became terrified and couldn't get away fast enough! (dragging me even though I was running). It's too bad, I thought she'd enjoy sniffing a cow! So I hope Goofie never finds out how big those "bluebirds" really are! LOL