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Max on his garden

20 pieces
41 solves
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Thank you so very much dear sis, I am glad, you like Max on his garden. Have a wonderful weekend.
Many hugs and lot of love ♥☺♥


Such a very nice photo. Sis I thought I solved your yesterday photos, but I did not. And this is such a beauty. Love it. Now I will solve the other puzzles, but I only write one more comment on the last. You will understand, writing takes tine☺☺☺ Have a great rest of the evening my dear, lots of hugs and love♥☺♥☺♥☺♥


Thank you so very much Florrie, Lynn and Janet, Max loves your kind comments :-)))) hugs


Max, you are so happy in the garden and it's very pretty! Pats, Janet


Max, your tail is gorgeous. Beautiful iris, Jana. Hugs :)


You are very welcome PunkinsRosebud :-)))

Hello Auntie Marlene, I'm very glad you enjoyedyour ice cream day. I did most of the day wandering around and now I'm very tired. Good night and sweet dreams, meow Max, purrrr
Love and hugs from Mom Jana meow.

Thank you so very much Ardy, have a wonderful day :-))) hugs


Max, your garden is beautiful.. i really love the iris. Thanks, Jana.


HELLO MAX MY DARLING BOY. Your Garden Is Doing Great, Well Done. I Thought You Would Like To See Apache In The Grass, He Loved Grass, My Garden Wasn't As Nice As Yours and Your MOM'S. It Was Good To Have A Cat Come and Visit Me. He Was So Soft and BIG. It Was My Ice Cream Day Today. I Enjoyed It. [[MEOWS]] Thanks For All The BIG HUGS & KISSES YOU Send To Me, I Love You Too MAX My Beautiful Boy. EXTRA BIG CUDDLES and LOTS Of LOVE To You MAX==MICI==FERDA==DEXTER==ERIC;;; AJA==LAURA==KRYSTOF;;; MUCH LOVE To MY DEAR FRIEND JANA. & THANKS For The Great Comments For My Photos/Puzzles. Sweet Dreams. Auntie Marlene. X X X X.

Max is a beautiful cat, indeed. He looks well-cared for, as well as dearly-loved!


Yes Nev, Max was on a "Regal Errand". Every day together going through the garden in the evening to make sure that everything is in order. Thank you, have a beautiful afternoon :-)))
Max is proud of you, he much he loves the pictures of your trip in the middle of the rocks. He would like to climb there with you.


Max has his tail perched very high in the air. He must be on a "Regal Errand" :-)))