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3 for Snooker. Mountain View.

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View from Cox Hill Trail, Kananaskis, Alberta.


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Awesome view..... Great set ...


That is spectacular EF, National Geographic in the making, thanks. I hope all you ladies manage to shake your ailments and able to do what you want to do!! I'm going hiking with you some day EF, I am training now each day. I am walking from my bathroom to the kitchen 10 times a day, I'm already feeling much fitter than last week!!


We (my sweetie and I) decided a few years ago, that the hike is about who you are with and what you see and do along the way; not about reaching the top anymore. Your day in the snow sounds like it was spent with fine people, and it provided you with exercise, fresh air, and this view.
What more could one ask for? thanks for trudging through those drifts! :)


Thank you Sunsetwatcher, Ank and jacquescamus, glad you dropped in.
Snooker I am so glad you are going to a gym, you will see a big difference in a short time.I will check with you in a month about this. I try to go 3 times a week. I am happy to say my shoulder is doing fine, the cortisone shot really worked, there is very little discomfort but not all the time. My range of movement is so much better. Thank you for asking.
Patsyanne I am sorry about your back, hope you are not in too much discomfort. Take care.


what a view!

Thanks, Maria. Like Snooker, I have to wait til Fri a.m. to do your puzzles. Don't mind looking 'cause they're always worthwhile. And I'm another who will never do your hikes because of my arthritic back but sure enjoy your adventures. Take care, my friend. Meet you again next week.


Very beautiful, thanks for the set.

Looks like you had a lovely day for the hike and this view is spectacular, Maria. Even if you didn't reach the top it must have been a great day, if tiring. You post after I sign off at night - that's why I'm usually late seeing your puzzles but I watch for them daily. I look forward to going on your hikes. Have started going to a gym and riding a bicycle and using weights. Doubt I'll ever be able to do what you do because of the legs but I appreciate you taking me along on your trips. Anything new on your shoulder? Take care my friend and I'll see you on the next hike. :)

Lovely mountains


And mountains for Patsyanne. Keep well my friend.


Hi Snooker,
We hiked Wednesday this week and went to hike Cox Hill in
K. Country. Last time we did this hike was in October so we were looking forward to reach the hilltop with stunning panoramic view. The snow was fairly deep and it's almost a non-stop climb of varying degrees to the top, only we did not make the top this time, we gave up 3/4 of the way, the snow drifts did us in, it was exhausting :( so after a little rest and some food we decided to call it a day and try an other time.
Till next time. Keep well my friend.