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Door to Tintagel Castle, Cornwall.

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@mommamid I had family in Corby, an while visiting them, we went to the lovely Kirby Hall..... I am wondering if you have a puzzle of it? I watch The Antique Show and it was featured there recently. I do hope you are safe and well, mommamid, your countryfolk are having a very hard time with this virus. Fay.


Feel free to share a few Fay. :)


Very beautiful, and all built with those small flint stones. It is quite a steep walk just to get to the Castle, too steep for this little lady, and she wasn't old at that time. You have posts with some lovely memories for me, thank you mommamid. Fay. (I promise I won't share them all with you. F.)

It looks like quite a view through the castle door!! Beautiful!


Cornwall coast is impressive! Thanks for sharing Marilynn! Bird


That's a loooonnnggggg way down!!! Fantastic view though!


There really isn't much left there is there.


Thank you so much for the link mommamid
I will check it out this afternoon.


@dhi. Allegedly King Arthur's castle, there isn't a lot left of it. Put in a link to more pic's if you're interested. ;)


This looks very interesting. But that does look a little bit more than steep.