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Mustache Man?

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Thanks, Kirsten. Enjoyed video also. Had never heard of them. Agree with both of you, the woman's make-up is fantastic.


I'm really glad you both enjoyed it Jan! I LOVE that song, and the clip. And the woman's (I think of her as being a good fairy of sorts) make-up is AMAZING, isn't it!


Very fascinating music, Kirsten. I loved the makeup on the woman. The final creature does, indeed, resemble this guy. Even John thinks so! How very funny! It was an amazing video! Thank you!!


Now, he is one strange dude, Jan! Gorgeous. But strange! He reminds me of a creature in a film clip to a song called "Little Talks", by Icelandic band "Of Monsters and Men". I LOVE the song, and the film clip. And near the end, there's a creature that looks JUST like your puzzle, I think. He emerges at about 3:22, but don't just jump to it. Watch the clip and listen to the song. It's terrific!!


Dottie - Thank you so much!

JC - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ardy - Thank you! I was debating about it for ages!

Diane - Thank you so very much!! BTW - I am JiggyBelle and JiggyBelleS. My real name is Jan. Puzzlejan is usually called PJ. She has great puzzles and is relatively new to Jigidi.

Katie - Thank you! The neons are fun, aren't they. I am so glad you liked the title, too!

Francine - Thank you so much. I prefer whimsical to almost any other kind of puzzle!

Dondi - Thank YOU. Im glad you liked the puzzle and the title!

Hanne - Thank you. I've been gone most of the day and haven't even solved a puzzle!


Oh Jan, it's wonderful!! Thanks so very, very much!!!


Very pretty - and definitely an apropos title!


Jan, this was great, whimsical. Thanks. (2:02)...:)))


Very cool design Jan! I love the multicolored neon lights! Yes, it does look like a mustache man.

I am confused Puzzle Jan do you have many other names?Loved this mustache one.


Cute, Jan. Like the edging too. Thank you.


A fun one, Jan!


Good one, Jan! Thanks!