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Friday's Flower

36 pieces
109 solves
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Hi graciepie! Thank you! I think I'll be able to find the time today to 'play' with puzzling out your puzzles. ;-)


What a beautiful puzzle and beautiful makes for a fun puzzle!


Mary, I am just thrilled that you had such a wonderful time. When I was young I went on quite a few cruises and absolutely loved them. Other than getting sickness once, I can't think of anything I ever disliked about them.

I have to laugh at your one cousin with the new pants. Oh...I know. The food on a cruise ship is always amazingly delicious. I honestly don't know how they manage it. I've eaten in some of the best restaurants in the US, but nothing compares to the food on cruises.

You'll have to take a lot more than one 7 day cruise a year if you want to be a Diamond member, but keep in mind that that would mean more days without Jigidi. Which is more important? Of course, Jigidi is more important!
I have a bit of bad news though. My hand has been killing me lately so I'm giving it a very long rest...and I don't know when I'll post puzzles again. When I create puzzles I do lots of dragging of the mouse and I just can't do it anymore. Luckily, there are a bunch of newcomers who post wonderful puzzles in the sizes and themes (flowers) you like. :-)
I'll see if I can post a few now and then but right now, I can't create at all. :-(


Wendy, everybody had a fantastic time. One cousin bought a pair of pants here in Orlando before we left and they fit just fine, but before the cruise was out he popped the button! That's proof of good food fun! LOL We heard good music and ate good food and laid out in the sun and hung out in the pool. My cousins decided formal dining wasn't for them so they replaced them at our table with a lovely couple who were also long-time cruisers from Florida. We're Carnival Platinum VIPs so they see to it that we have a good time with no problems, there were only 176 Platinums on the cruise and one Diamond so they like us. ROFLOL! (It's judged by how many sailing days you have with them. It takes 200 to be Diamond. I'll be planted six feet under before I could make that many days, though we put in about two 7-day cruises a year.

Oh, but I'm loving getting my Jigidi fix daily again!


Oh, Mary, I'm SO GLAD that you're back! Did you have a great time on your cruise? I thought about you....and was wondering if your cousins had a great time since this was their very first cruise.


Oh, how wonderful to be home and getting to solve puzzles again! So much Flower Dancing to catch up on! Loving this one big-time! 3:29 Doing the "I'm so glad to be home and doing Flower Dances again" Dance! Wheeee! Thanks, Wendy!


Hi, Kathy! I'm glad that you enjoyed solving this one...and also glad that you brought the number of solves to a round "100." Thank you for that! :-)


Wendy, I enjoyed putting this puzzle together. It had a flow. Bright, pretty, colorful and fun. A winner :-) Thank you!!!


PJ, I'm not sure I know what you mean by "used various creative expressions before" but if my guess is right, I did have a handcrafted leather shop for four years but that was about 36-40 years ago! At that time I did create my own artwork but it was with leather as a medium. I did very well but got burned out because I did so well. I couldn't keep up with special orders from people and then quit because of the stress.

I'll be glad to give you feedback. Just ask me first though, because I don't want to offer any kind of advice unless it's asked for. :-)


Wendy, your creativeness is inherant. During these 7 months you've been sharing your creativeness with Jigidiers. We may be "new" to puzzle creating, but I'm sure you've used various creative expressions before - as I have. Since you are 7 months my senior - I really welcome your feedback in my experimenting stage.


PJ, I keep missing people's comments! My apology, and thank you for the compliment. I have to tell you that you amaze me with how creative you are and you're only a beginner! I'm been creating for about 7 months now...or at least I think it's around 7 months.


Thank you Wendy - a very helpful answer. I've done some experimenting with figures, so I have an idea what you mean. You do an excellent job of mixing and creating puzzles.


Ardy, ohhh, know that I'm only teasing you when I say you can't use any alliteration. I love how you expressed your discontent though. ;-)

PJ, I start from scratch....just making circles, squares, rectangles, ovals...and then start mixing them up....and then kaleidoscoping them, and then if I'm not satisfied, I add more 'stuff' and then kaleido again until I am satisfied.

Pat, Ardy is a clever lady. I love the corrugated paper too. I made it while messing around with gradients.

whatnauts, are you saying that you're not thrilled with the flower?? Actually, I don't like the pieces so much, but I do like the way it looks in the preview pane.


Love the background. Flower's okay as well... (tee hee)


That was very clever, Ardy!!!!!

Love the corrugated paper background with the warped lines--extra coolness there!


Very fun puzzle and fine design. I'm wondering - how you could make such a pattern. This is not kaleido - is it?


Wendy, dear. This is a wonderful (not fabulous) sweet smelling (not fragrant) sixth day of the week (not Friday) bloom (not flower.) Thank you.


Good Morning, Katie! I posted another cool, but very different flower using my other alias. :-)

I'll go check my email right now.


Good morning Wendy, I really like the composition here! Those slightly curved lines in the frame are interesting. Great colors too! And I sent you a response for last evening.


Thank you so much, Barb! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)


Such a pretty puzzle, Wendy! Really enjoyed solving. :-)