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The four seasons :)) I

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I used a mouse for everything except for the tiny branches on the winter image, when I got there I finally had to take out the tablet I got for my birthday and I hadn't had time to try out yet. I hope that I'll be able to put it to good use durning my Christmas holidays :))


Wow! You used a mouse to do this I am quite impressed, my friend!


Hi Jill, as you know a mouse isn't a pencil but at least the colours seem adequate for the seasons and I had a lot of fun drawing and painting the images. Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you had some fun. :))


This is very clever and well done, Dagmar. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks


Hi Gail, a child would do better, but a mouse isn't a pencil LOL I had a lot of fun drawing and painting this one and at least the colours seem adequate for each season. :))


Don't sell yourself short, Dagmar, these are terrific. If you drew these with your mouse, I'm even more impressed. Wonderful!


I also have tried to take photos of the same places during the four seasons, but somehow I never seem to manage to photograph all the four seasons for a place. So now I've got many places with two or three seasons, but I really should check if I have got at least one place with all of them. LOL
I makes me happy that I could conjure up a few happy memories.
Thanks for your visit Ardy. :))


Delightful, Dagmar. I love this. It reminds me of a classmate in college who wanted to photograph a large maple tree through the four seasons. There was a window in the balcony of the auditorium that framed it perfectly. He got it through three seasons and then the tree was taken down of construction of a new men's dormitory. Thank you for this and for stirring up memories of some happy times.


Yes Kirsten, that was another attempt to get away from the abstract colour painting, althogh the outcome isn't very promising yet, but I suppose it's worth a puzzle, at least there is some colour in it. LOL

It just takes too much time to draw anything and as you know best time is something we don't have much. I'm lookling forward to the Christmas holidays, I hope that then I'll find some time to stock up on all the images I made in summer and I'm slowly running out of. :))

No mountains again this weekend, but I'm hoping for the next so you won't miss me here, at least one of the two days I should make it to get down to some serious puzzles solving. :))


Is this another one of your little hand drawn sweeties, Dagmar? It's a cutie for sure - so whimsical. I hope you're well, and the work starts to back off soon. Are you going to the mountains tomorrow? For you, I hope so. But we'll miss you. :)))