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Down a memory lane

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Thank you for responding Robbie. I found the info and picture on Wikipedia. How fun - it's amazing how quick and easy one can collectt all kinds of information on the Internet. I visited your puzzle pages - and found so many charming places to visit.


Sure PJ, I typed 'rikstelefon telephone' in google and several different sites came up, I looked at the first five and found lots of info. I don't know how to do the http stuff for you, but you should find them. Good luck.


Robbie - I've been wondering - could you say anything about how you identified the telephone?


Robbie - you've got inside info? You are quite right. I just got the idea of a telephone puzzle and I'm happy you had fun!


Very interesting reading about these PJ. Am I right in saying these were made by Ericsson for the Rikstelefon network which was owned by Televerket, a Government agency? Fun puzzle, thanks.