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Goofie: Hey handsome your mum cooking fish for you too?

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Hi Jimmy got it:))


Hi Goofie Bro - we are clever like all the cats in the world, isn't it?


Picture this....he's sitting on the sill looking outside... I'm standing behind him when I lift (almost soundless) my hand to stroke him...he sees the reflection in the window and isn't surprised at all about the touch because he saw it coming!

Lynetteoz....I do believe he's very aware of himself and he also seems to like what he sees....:)) (can't blame him)☺☺


So its not true that cats don't have any self awareness!! Thanks Goofie for contradicting that theory :-)


Clever boy Goofie. I think Tisket may know when it's her reflection too as she really doesn't like any other cats (apart from her Jigidi friends of course :)) ) but is quite relaxed when she sees her reflection. So it's either that or she's wondering what all the fuss is about when it's just a piece of glass.


Siberian....Goofie isn't cautious about his reflexion at all, think he knows it's his. I can stand behind him and I wave at him in the oven door, he turns his head as he seems to know it's my reflexion!:)

Thanks roseheather:)


Fun! : )


Cats are always cautious about their reflexion. But 2 Goofie in 1 picture is a plus : ))


You're welcome ...glad you liked it candles:)

Two cats for one, funny picture it is. Thank you for the nice one.


Soo I don't think he could even eat that much.....!:))))


Hey Goofie if you keep that up you might get double helpings :)))))))