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Cute Tin Tea Sets!! ~ PJ, Dagmar, Robina, Norma and Mariasha`s Favourite

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87 solves
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I'm glad you found them Mariasha. And hoped you liked them.:)))

I always forget to check the smaller puzzles...but what a pleasant I have several to do...thanks Kirsten!


Yes, it is your fave,Dagmar!! LOL I love the colours too. :)))


This is my favouite of this lot. I love how the colours blend together. :))


Gosh, thanks PJ! I'm so happy that you enjoyed your fave. I love this one too. And it's the last in this series, so it's nice to go out with a bang! :)))


Oh, Kirsten, I LOVE it. It's so adorable, cute, wonderful, charming - I wanted to tear it out of the screen.... So glad you posted it.


One of the kaleido maker settings, breaks the images up with 5 mirrored sides, created these starfish, Ardy. And I love that they are always Jan's starfish coming to visit. It's evening here, and well and truly my bedtime. So I'll be off now. I hope you have a great day today, and here are some hugs for you, to set the day up. ((HUGS))


There's a beaded starfish in the middle. Jan must have sent it down with her wave yesterday. Cute little creatures around it that look quite different depending on whether you are looking at them at the top or the bottom of the design. Thanks, Kirsten. If you are still up - night night and if this is now morning - good morning. When ever these never get stale - ((HUGS))


Yay! You see teapots!! That has to be a first, when someone sees the thing I made the kaleido from. LOL


I see five little butterflies, and lots of teapots! Teapots everywhere. Now I'm thirsty...