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Growly wishes JiggyJan a VERY happy birthday!

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Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Let's all raise a glass to Jigidi, who makes all of these good wishes possible!!


The only thing that would be better than this puzzle, is to be there and share the cupcake and champagne with Growly and Freddy! Thank you so very much Hester! All of this and an incredible card, too! You are a great friend, my dear! Now Freddy - it's okay to finish eating it! LOL


The best birthday card of the day!
Happy birthday, Jan!


What a nice tribute for her Birthday! May I add, Happy Birthday JiggyBelle, Jan, may you enjoy many, many more!! :)


Good one Hester. Glad you weren't under restrictions. Growly did his best. I can''t imagine that Jan won't appreciate it.

Happy birthday, Jan. May this be the beginning of a wonderful year for you.


Very nice, Growly & feistyfreddy.
Wishing you a super birthday, Jan.


Growly whipped up a birthday cupcake for Jan. Unfortunately his baking skills are not the best so it looks like Freddy will get to lick up the results! Growly is DEFINATELY not allowed any of the champers. It makes him feckless, impetuous and downright mischievious. Much like his mum!! Happy Birthday Jan. Hugs from across the pond. :-DD