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A bit of colour for a rainy day. :)) II

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192 solves
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I'm happy that you enjoyed the puzzle Leet and thanks for dropping by and your lovely comment. :))


I'm glad I could provide you with some fun Seagull. Thanks for dropping by and staying to comment. :))

there was a lot going on in this puzzle but it all blended so nicely! thanks.


fun puzzle and nice size.


It's nice to hear that you enjoy my puzzles, Davie, knowing that people enjoy them makes the creating so much more fun. :)) I also enjoy different sizes, with me more than a question of mood, it's time again. If I have the time I do the bigger sizes if not I enjoy the "bite-sized" versions as Kirsten says. :))
Thanks for dropping by.


I'll try Mandy, as I told Jan it takes some time to do them and I'm afraid, I haven't got much of it. :)))
Thanks for your always lovely comments, they always make me smile, meaning that I will go to bed with a big grin on my face, as it awfully late again and I should be in bed by now. :))


I always enjoy your puzzles, but thank you for also posting them in different sizes. Sometimes I enjoy large ones, but sometimes I'm just in the mood for something light and quick. Thank you agan.


Dagmar, this is glorious, and I love that you have given every image its own frame - and there are so many different colours and patterns - its fabulous, and I really hope that you will find the time to make more of these. Many thanks.


I'm glad you had fun, Hanne. :)))


Your enthusiam always makes me smile Jan, I couldn't ask for more positive feedback .)), this was a try to do a mixture of round kaleidos like Wendy and Hummingbird and more people post sometimes, but it takes a lot of time to do so I'm sure I'll make more of them, because they are quite colourful, but I don't know when I'll have the time to do so. :))
I suppose your avatar today is Maggie when she was a puppy, she really looked adorable. We always had a dog whe I was young and lived in Germany, they are really a good company. :))


I'm happy if I could brighten up your day Marisha. Thanks for dropping by. :))


It was SO inviting and indeed it was just as good to make!! It's awfully beautiful, Dagmar, thanks so very much!!


Oh Dagmar! This is breathtaking! I could look at it for HOURS. Bright and glorious in its colors and so complex in its variety of patterns. I LOVE this. This is one of my favorites of yours......ever! Please, Please, more of these!!!
Can you tell I like it? LOL!
Thanks so much, my friend,

That was lots of fun, thanks for brightening up this girls day!


I just came back from your place. Yesterday I got very late to my favourite story, but today I managed to get there early enough. :)) I loved it. Thanks.


Hi Dagmar, we just crossed each other!! I'll return to these beauties in a while!! Have a good day!!