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Norton, the other day

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Norton's doing much better. He's on my lap right now, comfortable and content. He's a little slower, a little more tired, than normal, but his personality still shines. Tuesday afternoon, we go to the vet (his favorite place) to get trained in how to check his glucose levels so I'll know how much insulin he needs.


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Thanks, lela. At last, a straight answer given with a straight face...

Gwen, a new puzzle of Norton will be posted in less than two hours.

Queenbee2b, thanks. Norton's new puzzle details my visit to the vet.

Faye, thanks. If was as easy as just giving an animal some love, all my cats would live forever!

Libby, thanks so much. Norton is my fourth diabetic cat. I have lots of experience, just none using a glucometer. The first cat I had with diabetes was in the early 70s, and I had to actually wait for him to pee and stick the green test tape under his but to catch the urine, watch what color it turned and adjust his dose accordingly. NOT very scientific.

Mo, thanks so much. It's been a huge relief to have finally gotten a diagnosis.

Ada, I wish I didn't have to become kitty nurse of the decade, but thanks for the compliment.


you will become kitty nurse of the decade. Good for you! my mother in law has a diabetic cat, and she has been tending to that beautiful beast, [he's huge] for years. She tells me it gets easier over time. So glad Norton is still with you and US! and happy on your lap. - Ada


I'm glad you have found the cause for his weakness. I'm sure once you all get the doses down and he's adjusted, it will be much better.


So very happy to know he is on the mend...even if it is going to be a lot more effort and expense for you. But then, how can you not?!? Will add my thoughts and prayers to the others! Thanks ;-)


Good luck this afternoon. Hope Norton continues to improve...if love has anything to do with it, he should up and around on his own steam lickety-split! :)


Thanks for the new photo!! Nice shiney coat, and bright eyes!! Good luck with the vet visit!! hugs :)


So good to know that Norton is still progressing, albeit slowly. Good luck at the vet Gail. I will be thinking of you both.


Good to see he's still happy in himself.......


Yes he is, Kirsten. He's my Best Boy. He's still so frail, Rosie. If I set him down on the floor and don't prop him up, he falls right over. But if I hold his sides until he gets his bearings, he's good to go, albeit very slowly. I have a feeling his insulin is going to have to get raised. Thanks to both of you for your warm wishes.


He looks much better than he did and he looks warm and comfy in that snuggle bed. I'm so glad he's getting back to his old self and that dealing with the diabetes is something manageable. With all of your past experience Nortie couldn't be in better hands. Keeping all of you in my prayers.


There's our gorgeous boy!! I'm glad he's doing better, Gail, and hope it goes well at the vets tomorrow. :)))