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Remember green stamps?

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Susan and I ate lunch at the Red, Hot and Blue restaurant yesterday in Joplin.
They have such neat memorabilia on the walls!


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Thanks, pilley!


More great posts today, thanks.


Yes, Brie, it is the very same Joplin. It will be two years this May, since the tornado destroyed the heart of the city!


Is that the Joplin of the devastating tornado? If it is, how wonderful to see the town recovering! Yes, we had Green Shield Stamps over here in the UK - garages handed out streams and streams of them; my first Le Creuset cast iron frying pan was - if I remember correctly - fourteen books! I still have it!


Wow! This one stirred up lots of memories! Thanks JC. Yes, I remember them too.


Oh, wow, yes I remember.
I also remember steak knives from gas station and glossy reproductions of NASA photos from Ralph's grocery.
Those were the days, weren't they, when businesses actually worked to get your business.


We had the top value stamps that Kroger gave out. Got a lot of things after I got married.. Most of it was good quality.


I remember Blue Chip. I used them to decorate my bathroom in gold - hamper, waste basket, metal shelf behind the toilet, etc. and to buy my first baby's play pen. My husband was in college when we got married and gas was only .25 cents a gallon and 10x blue chip stamps. Gas for getting to school also helped us out as newlyweds decorate and get necessities for our first home.

DO I REMEMBER GREEN STAMPS? My husband is a pilot and one time he was flying
for a cargo carrier and he came home and said....I have some green stamps for you...
I said.....sorry, I don't do stamps.......he said.....but this is $10,000 worth.....Boy did I get
lickin' quick. Some place that they landed gave green stamps for refueling!!


OH YES!!! Mom bought a lot of things with these stamps. And I licked a many a stamp............great memories. Thanks !!!!!


My grandma let me lick them and stick them in the book. Ack!


That's great, windyhills! Dimples may get her toaster after all!!!!!!!


The old S&H Green Stamps (Sperry & Hutchinson) are now completly discontinued. However, the company has be reorganized and is now offering 'S&H Greenpoints' for online purchases by a few online retailers. On a final note "S&H Greenpoints" still honors their orignal predecessor's commitment and will accept the old S&H Greenstamps.


My mom used the S&H Green Stamps to buy Christmas gifts for all of us kids. Growing up we would keep close track of the number of little books she had filled with the little stamps.


Good luck, dimples! Keep saving, you'll have your toaster in no time! LOL!

I remember S and H GREEN STAMPS. It as been along time, ago.

What do you mean, remember them?? I'm still saving them to get a toaster. I still need three more books..............................................!


I remember and I probably have some as yet....