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Thursday's Flower

36 pieces
218 solves
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whatnauts, you got it right. If I were still solving I would much rather solve the other one......this one. I'm including the link to it to see if it can gets more solves. There really is no accounting for taste!

Jan, here's one that I use.......


Dear Wendy - what kaleidoscpe programme do you use? I would like to try.....


If you mean the 49 pc Ardy puzzle you posted - I'm surprised as well. This is a terrific puzzle, but if I could only do one, my preference would be the multi-wheel one (preferably with tons of pieces). There's just no accounting for taste!!!!! LOL


Pat, "whatnauts" is synonymous with "wild, crazy, and wacky" so you'd think that all spell checks would recognize it by now. A wink to whatnauts is in order- ;-) Why don't you give up on "lela" and just call him Mr. Bugosi? LOL!

whatnauts, I couldn't figure out what to post for my very last one today, so I whipped this one up in about 5 minutes (making the kaleidoscope from one of my puzzles, and then adding a background). I'm surprised that it's done as well as it has, and how shabbily another one has done today. Jigidi is always filled with surprises. LOL


Wow, the colours in this one really POP. This may be my favorite of yours so far, definitely right up there.


The spellcheck on my HP computer isn't bad, because it isn't automatic, and I can add words (like profile names) to the dictionary with one click, so it stops correcting me. But the iPad has autocorrect, and if I don't look, it inserts whatever it wants. It's funny, because it eventually learned some words, like whatnauts, and will fill it in for me. But it refuses to learn that lela is not spelled with a capital! and I've restyled it so many times... And that's retyped, autocorrect, not restyled! Sheesh!


LOLOL! OK, Ardy!


Wendy, I'm not hinting, I'm saying right out that I'd love to play with that blue wheel again. It can bring its friends.


Oh, Mary, I forgot to mention that I'm almost 64 after you mentioned your I was one of the crazy hippies too. And you are SO right, but I didn't even realize it. I had a few Nehru blouses which I absolutely loved.

Ardy, oh....are you hinting that you'd like to see another blue flower wheel?

Pat, spell check is BAD. I rarely pay attention to it because so many times it says I've misspelled a word when I haven't (I always check with an online dictionary when spell check says a word is incorrectly spelled). I can't think of one word I use often that always ended up being underlined in red....and then FINALLY spell check stopped giving notice. Geeez, why can't I remember the word now? On another note, thank you! You make great puzzles as well....but then I don't need to tell you that. ;-)


Another wonderful one, with that extra crispness and "spookiness" that I mentioned. Oh, that's so funny--I just checked the first sentence, and spellcheck substituted "spookiness" for "spikiness"!!!!! Nothing spooky about it, unless it's your uncanny ability to make such great puzzles!


Lovely flower and I love the corner blues. Reminds me of a little blue wheel I'd love to play with again. Thanks, Wendy for another delight from your unusual garden.


Flower Power! Something about this makes me think of my hippie dippie days! I must have had something with these colors in it. Come to think of it, my Nehru dress...LOL Thanks, Wendy!