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"the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best." -Henry Van Dyke

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Chickie, I actually have the audubon app on my kindle! :) Like minds and all!!!


Thank you, Oddio. Glad this one caught you. :) (Up here we're the opposite; we see a lot of jays and few cardinals.)

Thank you, Mimi. I wonder who your tiny birds are. Let us know if you find out. :)


We seem to have a lot of bluejays, many cardinals and an occasional woodpecker. Also some tiny birds but I'm not sure what they are. We also have blackbirds and very large crows. Nothing exotic as far as I know.


Your picture and the comments have caught me, PLG.

Jays are one of my favorites, too, and for the same reasons cited previously. And up there on my list of favorite "singers" is certainly the mocking bird. Around my area the cardinals (love the variety of their songs) outnumber any bluejays by about 20 to one, but the occasional jay is always a treat.


Thank you, PG, CM, and Islandflyer!


Nice pic, Patti.


The mockingbirds also make the sound of the bluebirds when they are trying to encourage the fledglings to come out. Then they fly after the babys and try to attack them. I have watched it. I love to hear them sing, but don't like their nastyness.


Very cool bird and picture. We have mockingbirds and they push around all the little birds that come to eat at the feeders. When the Jays return the mockingbirds learn very quickly who the real boss id and they try but after a few butt kickings the mocks back off.


Thank you, RH, PH, & CM! It's so interesting to read all your comments. I always learn something new. :)


Punkie, there is a wonderful app for your kindle called Audubon Birds ~ A Field Guide to North American Birds. The pics are awsome and you can even listen to their songs learn about their nests and habitat.


Not only do you have me looking up leaves of trees, I had to look up the jackdaw on google!
First, I like the fact that they are gregarious. I also like the grey markings on them.
Thank you Patti for starting this conversation about birds who may not have pretty voices!


About two summers ago we had a robin nest near our upstairs windows and also a bluejay who nested in the pine in that part of the yard as well. I did some searching about bluejays while they were nesting and learned that they are in the same family as crows, and the jackdaw, which I had read about in books which were based on English life.

The raucous yelling of "thief," which our jays make at times, was more understandable after learning that their family members include crows. I also was glad to learn that there is a real bird called a jackdaw. I had no idea about it previously, just knew it was included in literature about England.


Thank you, Snooker and Pumpkin. :)


Chickie-What a great story-thanks for sharing it with us!
We have had many visits from blue jays so far this year. The do tend to frighten all of the small birds away, and the red bellied woodpecker is quite skittish, so he takes off as soon as Mr. Jay arrives.

Don't see them down here but remember them from Canada and MN. The grey jay is another favorite.


Thank you, Laura. I didn't know that the jays cache their food. Thanks for that info. Interesting.:)

Thanks, Sally -- I feel lucky to have lots of critters nearby. This turned out to be a great place to retire. :)

Thank you, Jacques. :)

Thanks, Ank. LOL! I'll bet you sing well!


Beautiful, and let all birds sing.

I sing too, you better run away, but I do.


Wow patti, he's beautiful!!!


Thank you Patti.... You are really good at these up close shots... Your gardens must be filled with birds.... Thanks for sharing them with us.... :) :)


Chickie, that's a beautiful story! Wow. I also like blue jays. I put out peanuts for them in the morning. They manage to get them before the squirrels do. I have 3 that visit my back yard on a regular basis. You can hear them long before you see them. Oh, they are among the few birds which cache their food...hide it for a hungry day.


Thank you, Morris. :)


Very nice,PLG! Look like a young one. Also enjoyed reading the comments! Thanks!


Thank you, Gemstone and KayleneWilliams. :)




Great story, chickee...good memories...good feelings.


Thank you, everyone, so much. I loved reading every comment!

Chickie-- We loved your story -- no apology needed!!! And I think that's why I like them too -- because I remember them from childhood.


I love Chickiemama's story! We take comfort wherever we must, and the part about the ornament is priceless. Thanks, CM and thanks PLG for the great puzzle and for evoking those memories that we all can share.


Nice puzzle PLG. Thanks


Oh, and the weird thing is, the day we were leaving, (as I was getting into the car) there was a bluejay feather laying at my feet. When I got home I wrapped fine gold wire around it and made a loop and it is now an ornament for my Christmas tree.


Blue-jays are such a pretty bird.. i know where I am.. they are rather agressive..
Great photo PLG


Love the bluejay PLG. A lot of people don't like bluejays, but for many years it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling everytime I heard one and I didn't know why. Where I lived before here, I never heard or saw them. But I occasionally heard them at parks or in town. Anyway, I made a trip to Wisconsin about 15 yrs ago and camped in a state park very near to where I lived when I was in 1st & 2nd grade. All of a sudden it hit me. It was a sound that I had frequently heard during my childhood while living up there. Living up there were the happiest yrs. of my childhood. Sorry for the long story. LOL


Yes, it's true! Very nice saying and very nice bird.


Wise words of Henry Van Dyke, with a sweet little bird, Thanks Patti.


now if only blue jays sang pretty, but alas they do not. But better than no bird sounds at all.


Lovely. The picture of the jay is very good, and the words of Van Dyke are telling. Thank you!