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Virginia! Barn from last night VIEW #2

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I thought this barn deserved another photo. I think the ends were hinged like that to open up to store tobacco to dry. This show the side view and a pickup would easily drive through it. The size is unusual. I've heard tall barns like this were for drying tobacco. But what do I know. When I get that way again, I'll try to find out more. Next photo is a similar barn that was on another proberty but less than 100 yards away.


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Well I must agree about this being a tobacco barn....great photo warbler :))))


Great find thanks

Yes, this is a Tobacco Shed. The drive thru feature made it so you didn't have to back up the wagons and not to interfere with the next load. They would open the many hinged boards after harvest so the Tobacco would cure and again in January on a foggy day to prepare the leaves to be stripped off the stalks here in WI.


love your set today mate!


Picasa is a free download. : )


Thanks Robyn.

I'm not trying to hide alot of ugliness behind it in this shot, Chickie, but I could use your photoprogram leveler. Thank you Chickie.


This photo puts it more in perspective. Thanks warbler.


It's certainly interesting warbler - the long timber is a bit different. Thanks.


Michelle is right--look at all the little catches on the side of the barn. I never even noticed.


I solved that puzzle of your a week or so ago lauralyn and left a comment, I think. It was a cool photo.


This is an educated guess.......I think it might be a shade tobacco drying barn. Near Madison, FL I saw the last of a couple of shade tobacco drying barns that were used 50+ years ago. The barns were huge, like yours. Much bigger than the standard old tobacco drying barns in the area. Your barn is really a beauty. It's amazing how long the boards are. Thank you for a good puzzle.


I'll try to Michelle-it would be fun to know. Thanks


From this view, I'd agree with you, Dave. Look at all the wooden catches...looks like more that the main doors opened....useful for drying winds. I'm thinking you should ask for a look-see inside when you're out that way again.