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Happy birthday dear Lorna (goingsilver)

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Dear Lorna, I wish you the most wonderful day in your live until now. Have a great day and make lots of fun. Hugs.


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I know dear, I did not mean this wrong, now I read what I wrote I see you can interpret it different. Sorry . I really like to be corrected when I give wrong info. Hugs.


Oh Ank, it really doesn't matter!


I'm glad you corrected me Lorna, I do not want to give false informs. I was wrong. :-)))))


Oh thank you very much Cathy! You'll make me blush!

Thanks too Monica - that is kind of you.

I'm sorry to correct you Ank, but that is Tana, and she is a greyhound, so like an overgrown whippet I suppose! Her playmate is a greyhound / saluki hound cross.


Hi Monica they are whippets, I agree they are beautiful


Happy Belated Birthday Lorna! So sorry I'm late in my birthday greetings to you! Hope it was a fun, fun birthday Sweety! Big birthday hugs to you!...Monica

Love the birthday card Ank, what kind of dogs are these? Their absolutely gorgeous! :D


Hi Cathy, you are back. Great to see you again. I'm sure Lorna does not mind you are late. She knew you was away for a few days.
Only one of these two dogs is Lorna's, it's George the grey one. The other is a friend dog. I got the idea for this puzzle seeing them running. And thought two champions are running. Who is going to win. And that in combination with the name.


Ank, your birthday card for Lorna is great. What a great picture of her two champions!!
Lorna, I'm sorry I'm late! I hope your birthday was wonderful ... because you are wonderful and we are all delighted to be your friends!!!


Great Lorna, I'm glad they all came to make your day so nice.


Aw, thank you Suzy! Thanks too Shirley and warbler. I feel thoroughly spoilt and moved by everyone's messages Ank.


Wow Lorna, so many friends. You are loved. I'm happy for you. Thanks friends for dropping in.


Another Happy wish and Cheers!


I must add a very Happy Birthday to you Lorna, may your day be filled with happy memories.


A wonderful wish for a great lady!


Yes, aren't I lucky Laura - everyone is so kind.


Birthday blessings in abundance, Lorna! What a cute card, Ank!


You're so welcome Lorna. Thanks Brian.


Thank you, and hugs back to you Ank.

Thank you very much goosed.


Happy birthday Lorna, have a great day. Lovely card.


Hi Lorna, sorry that I'm late, I had a very busy day. I'm glad that so many friends came to enjoy your party. you are right, we are one big family. Jigidi is not only a place to solve puzzles. It's much more. I'm glad you do enjoy the card, the two dogs are running and going for silver. You can change your name, for us you are going for gold. I hope you will have a great evening, hugs dear.

Friends thank you for dropping in at the party. I'm happy you came with so many. Have a great day/evening.


Thank you so much Mimi, Beekay, Li and Tekchal.

And Ank, a HUGE thank you again for all your work in creating this fantastic card. All the lovely messages from so many friends have made this a very special birthday, and I feel privileged to be a part of the big jigidi family.


Lovely card, Ank. Happy Birthday, Lorna and many more.


Wonderful!! Happy birthday, Lorna!!


Hope it is a fun day! Happy Birthday :-))


Happy Birthday Lorna. I hope you have a lovely day! :))


Thank you all so much chickie, Ardy, Pat, cakes and Graciela!


Happy Birthday Lorna!! Have a great day!!
Lovely card Ank!


........................... ******** HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORNA ******** ..........................

Nice card/puzzle!! Thanks Ank!! :))))


Happy Birthday Lorna .. HAve a beautiful day....

Great and lovely card Sis


Happy birthday, again, Lorna. Enjoy your day.

Thanks, Ank, for another lovely card.


Happy Happy Birthday Lorna! Nice card Ank.


Oh Ank, thank you so much for this beautiful card and your birthday wishes. I love it, and appreciate it very much. You are a dear friend.

Many thanks too chookies, , Rob, Igotlost / Lia, Janine and Jana!


Happy Birthday dear Lorna. I hope you have a wonderful day :-))))))

Good morning sis, this is very beautiful card :-))) hugs

Happy Birthday to Lorna. Many more exciting birthdays to come.
Hope your day is wonderful with family and friends. Janine :-)))

Ank, your cards are just so lovely....Janine :-)))

Hello Lorna, I wish you a very, very nice day and many more good years to come!
Ank, de kaart is hartstikke leuk! Have a good day too!
(this message comes from Lia. For explanation why this way, look at Lia's comment on Ank's card to Lia, yesterday)


Happy Birthday Lorna!!!
Lovely card Ank - thanks!!


Happy birthday, Lorna, I hope you have a beautiful day. Lovely card, as usual, Ank.