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Stealing the Bird Food

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65 solves
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Our squirrels are allowed one peanut per visit they have learned other wise they are so greedy they sit in the tray and eat all the peanuts and leave a mess. But they are still able to eat and can return. But! one peanut per visit!! And i have trained most of them.One peanut per visit.


cute, I love...thank you!!!


Bless you for taking care of the baby squirrel and having mercy on the poor little blind one. I love watching all of the ones in my yard chase each other around, looks like so much fun.


Today I witnessed a squirrel get hit by a car. Another driver was merciful enough to put it out of its' misery, but this incident proved to be nearly too much for me. Just a few weeks ago I called the volunteer animal rescue team to get another squirrel who had gone blind for some reason and just waited for death at my gate. Last summer I had to tend to a baby squirrel who had lost it's mom. I don't think I can take too many of these squirrel-incidents any more. I love the little critters for their spunk and character! I just wish this world (i.e. my neighborhood) would be a little better place for them.