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Folgefonna, Norway.

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And then we just had to drive down that long and lonesome road. You can see it right in the bottom of the picture and follow it crossing the plateau in the middle where it disappears downwards and continues farter down. You can spot it right above the edge of the nearest rock. What an experience!!


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Yes, the other "rats" had left the vessel!! - perhaps they had seen some weatherforecasts!! Thanks so very much Ardy -

Ank, it's because we are on the very top of the mountains - it's very desolate there and very seldom that you can drive in your car to a level so much above sea level. We have only experienced it twice, this time and once back in 1973. I'll see if there should be some photos still worth to be seen from then, we made colourslides and have scanned them, some became better than others. Thanks so very much!!


Wow, very rocky and looks treacherous looking.


What a rough and lonely country. Thanks Hanne.


There were just the two of you there? Glad that wasn't one of your hikes and the car was near by. I'm thankful you are here to tell of your experience. Thanks, Hanne.