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Happy Birthday Kirsten (RandomWorship)

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Hi Kirsten it was good to make it specially for you, I hoped to make some ones you would like and I'm glad you did. Hope you had a good day glad it wasn't on the 4th when you would have got swamped in all the theme puzzles:)


Hi June! I just wanted to say thanks again for making this terrific birthday puzzle for me. I really appreciate the effort you put into it. It means a lot to me. :))))

And thanks for the lovely birthday wishes, Ardy, Barb, Katie, Joyce, Faye (and welcome home!), Hanne and leet. You're all such loves. :)))


thanks Lee, I hope she had a good day too

This is a beautiful birthday card! My favorite is the bottom middle. Wish you many more Happy Birthdays.


thanks Hanne glad you liked it


Beautiful kaleidos June, thanks so very much. Another happy birthday from me, Kirsten!!


Hi Faye, I hope you had a good holiday and found some good weather down south. The jetstream leaves us cold in the north. However I had a good birthday. Hope the jetlag soon goes away


Happy Birthday again, Kirsten! :)))

June,...just wanted you to know that I did try to get access to a computer on June 15th to wish you a Happy Birthday...but no such luck. Three years ago the hotels in England had computers for guest access but have now removed them all and gone Wifi...which doesn't help us dinosaurs with no Smartphones or ipads! Hope your day was great (though blustery from the sounds of it) and this entire year even better! Happy Belated Birthday! :)))

P.S. Just returned home yesterday so the body is still operating on London time...awake way too early for my Vancouver body!


Wonderful designs & colors for a party!!! I think the left middle is my pick for today! Thanks June!!! :))))
(time, 4:57)
............................................ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRSTEN .........................................


thanks Katie, yes she is 'our' Kirsten


Hi June, this collection certainly feels like a party with all the bright colors! The birthday wish in the middle is perfect - Kirsten is always so fun on Jigidi. Thanks!


thanks Ardy and Barb thankyou, I got lucky with the middle one thought I would google it and there it was.

Hi Kirsten, I hope you are having a great birthday. I'm never sure what day to put cards up for peple in Australia but I know you are used to doing my puzzles last thing at night so stuck to that. birthday hugs


What an utter joy June! Thank you SO much!! I LOVE it!! And yet again, you've made it VERY hard for me to choose a single fave. In fact, I don't think I can. The middle right is my number one fave, but only a nose (if a kaleido can have a nose! LOL), in front of the bottom middle and middle left and top right! Oh, and the bottom left too. Thanks very much. I really appreciate it. :))))


Oops, I thought I left a comment earlier but must have forgotten to hit the 'Post comment' button. Guess I'm not quite awake. Like Ardy, my favourites are the top left and bottom right. Lovely birthday kaleidos, June. :-)


Hi June. This is a beautiful puzzle. I love it. My favorites are the top left and bottom right. I like the rainbow greeting in the center. Thank you. Delightful fun.