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Kaleidos made from ...... Incredible Butterfly and Moth Wing Scales!!~ Katie, PJ and Gaillou's Fave

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This is Katie, PJ and Gaillou's favourite from a 3x3 collage of kaleidoscopes made from macro photographs of butterfly and moth wing scales that I posted on 9 December 2012. Thanks to Rob (robryan) who had posted some pics of them, leading me to explore them. They are the most amazingly beautiful things. And made extraordinarily gorgeous kaleidos.

I make my kaleidoscopes and collages using freely available images and a variety of programs. A 3x3 collage usually takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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Thanks Nicky! And sometimes I can't see what others see in my kaleidos either. And I have a large, high-res file to look at! LOL


I can see the ghost lady, but not the cats heads with bright orange ears! I love the colours in this one.


Yes indeedy, that it is Katie! And I'm glad you enjoyed your fave. :)))


Oh, gosh Gwen! That's an evocative image! And I'm glad you had a fave in this lot too! Hopefully I'll be reaching the point of posting your fave singles from the collages soon too! Can't wait!


So perfect for the OFC! Thanks for the fave Kirsten!


This one, as I'm sure you guessed, is my favourite today because of the colour. In the darker part of the cream "petals" I see a ghost image of what could be a mediaevel lady looking out of a window and between the petals is a cats head with dark orange ears.


Thanks Gwen! I'm not sure that I know what a "Southwest decor"looks like. I'll have to google it. And I'm glad you enjoy my kaleidos. I enjoy your visits!! And YOUR puzzles too! :)))


She has a way with words, doesn't she Gail? It must be all that readin' an' stuff! LOL Glad you liked this one anyway, even though it slipped down the list a little. :)))


Thanks Ardy! Our indigenous plants aren't deciduous, so we don't get the typical autumn colours from our native plants. But there are so many gardens and street trees planted with "exotics", we still get a lot of the typical autumn colours anyway. Happily we're starting to get some typical autumn weather too! The days are starting to be warm (not hot), and the nights cool (good for sleeping). Yay!! :)))


This one has a Southwest decor feel to it. It is beautiful, like all your creations. Thank you.


Ardy always takes the words right out of my mouth! I was going to say that they are lovely fall colors. I was wrong ~ the third one I did was my favorite, and this is my second favorite. But I really enjoyed them all, as usual. Thanks, Kirsten, and good evening, Ardy. I saw your comment earlier, so whenever you get around to finding the link, I'd love to see your video.


These colors are autumn colors in the northern hemisphere. What about for you? What most characterizes autumn in the southern hemisphere? This one is lovely. Really like this. Thank you.