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A rabbit's foot??

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No, the dogs each had one of these yesterday and I'm assuming they got them from the next door neighbour who hunts.


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I don't think anyone other than the farmers do anything about the coyotes here either. I've heard that they are right in town now and people are afraid to even let their dogs off leash in the parks.


I know...but the conservation officers won't even come out and let live seems to be their philosophy for coyotes yet they think nothing of shooting a treed bear when they could tranquilize and relocate the bear. I don't know how many people have lost pets over the years to the very canny coyotes...and they don't even have the slightest apprehension of confronting humans.


Also Faye in the spring the farmers here all carry rifles because the coyotes are all around waiting for the cows to calve. They smell the blood and come en masse. The guy who built my addition has cattle and two years ago he lost a couple calves. He said one pack was as large as 10-12 which would give me cause for concern even for my big dogs.


Here there's ususally a pack of about 6. They send out one into the open. The dogs will spot it and give chase. Then the pack tries to surround the dog and take it down. I don't think they can do it with two dogs the size of mine but that's how they got the Rottweiller in town according to my vet.


We have coyotes in the city here...if you see one shadowing you while you walk your dog along the railway tracks, you can be sure there is one ahead of you, hidden away, circling around to entrap you...they didn't call Wily Coyote Wily by chance.


The average adult male coyote around here weighs about 40 lbs. My dogs are about 120 lbs. each. Having said that I would not feel comfortable with just a single dog. Last year a pack seriously injured a Rottweiller here in Guelph and he ended up having to be destroyed. They tend to come around mostly after dusk and I try to have the dogs locked up by then. When the dogs are loose and they hear the coyotes they will give chase and drive them off. The area where the chickens are is fenced with a 48" fence and I don't think coyotes could jump that. Also when the chickens are out of the coop the dogs are loose so a coyote wouldn't come on the property. The only threat to the chickens are hawks or even owls, and weasels who can fit through fencing as small as 1" so protecting against day time attacks is next to impossible unless they are permanently locked inside the coop or a run.


Edie, are the dogs safe from coyotes? What about the chickens? Could the coyotes get in the coop? So many things to be concerned about. Thanks, Edie.


I'm a meat eater too Marilyn but never like to see it up close like this. My dogs probably thought it was a great treat.


I think so Faye because I looked at goat online and they're different. Must have just been a young one since it's not nearly as big as the one they had last year.


I don't like it either Florrie, but killed by a hunter or ripped apart by coyotes not sure which is worse. Yesterday coming home from shopping we saw three coyotes run across the road two doors over so they're out there and today on my walk there are lots of tracks. Deer, coyote, rabbit and of course my dogs' big unmistakable paw prints.


I eat meat but remember there is not one creature that does not want to live including me but none of us get out of here alive. Better the dog enjoy their treat than to waste the part.


Looks like deer to me...


You may be right alliebono. I assumed that it was a deer's foot as last year they came back with the whole bottom part of the leg but it was much bigger than this one.


Luke and Cole are enjoying the sunshine Barb. They are laying in the snow with big knuckle bones that I bought at the market yesterday.


I think it's a goats foot


Don't even want to think about what this is. Hope Luke and Cole are keeping warm, also how are our chicks doing? Would love to see a pic of Chicklet and his harem (lol). Thanks, Edie. :-)


I'm pretty sure that you're right lindaw. If it is, I'd be afraid to run into it :-)))


I don't know much about these things ,but I'm pretty sure that's not from a rabbit.