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The "Pissebækken"!

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The hazel is blooming!!


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It's so fascinating - when you first catch sight of those purple tiny little flowers they yell loudly from everywhere!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Wish it were this year but good it isn't with the snow you are expecting. But what a delicate bloom. It rather looks like a grasshopper head with a strange red insect in it's mouth. LOL Thanks, Hanne.


I do agree so very much roseheather! I too think it's SO beautiful!! Thanks so very much!!

It will be late, Ank, we have just been promised a very cold April too!! Hope you have some better winds coming in!! Thanks so very much!!


A week ago I thought everything will be early, but then winter returned, so now I wonder... Let's just wait and see.
Love the photo Hanne, thanks.


Lovely. The catkins are delightful with the pink emerging blossom. Thank you.


This was first in April, I wonder when it will be this year!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Your hazel is blooming the same time as David's.