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Friesland, Towns and villages, Akkrum.

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Akkrum has a bit more as 3300 inhabitants. It lies on the river "The curve Knillis"(De kromme Knillis). By car 10 minutes South of Leeuwarden.


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Thanks Laura.


You both do great with English!!


Aww, no I understand, I thought you were English. I also use a dictionary. Writing an other language is much more difficult as talking. The same with German. I don't speak French, but I do Italian. So you don't live that far from me. Nice. Have a nice evening too and sleep tight.


Thank you Ank, now I understand what you mean. It was maybe a little late for me yesterday evening. I live in Belgium in the near of Liege. When I was 5 years old I go in a Dutch-speaking school and after I go in a I also live for 38 years in Germany so I speak also German. English is a little more difficult for me, sometime I need a dictionnary. But since I am on Jigidi I make progress. At home we speak all French.
Have a good evening.


Sorry Talia I said it wrong. I meant to ask, did you use google translator? Or do you speak Dutch? How comes you speak Dutch? Have you been here? Ank.


Sorry Puzzeljac I don't understand what you mean. What must I try with google? I speak fast very good Dutch.


Hi girls, I'm glad to see you. I have a very busy day and was not much on Jigidi. I'm glad to see you all here.
Talia ..... just trying with google, or do you speak a little Dutch?
That building is not a castle. And you'll never guess what it is. And I don't tell you. You have to wait for tomorrow to read about a great success story of a good man.
Jo, that is a Aquaduct. The road goes under the water. We have a lot in NL, most in Friesland. It's very nice, you don't have to wait for a open bridge.
Jana there is space enough for lovely walks with all our kids. :-))
Girls I'm sure you will like Akkrum.


Ready to visit Akkrum. It looks a very nice town. Ik wacht vol ongeduld op de volgene foto's.
Thanks for posting


Yes, I'm definitely going to like Akkrum. Thank you Ank.


back to the canals I love so much. Love the castle, just WOW


Thanks a lot, it seems to be a beautiful place, I really like I just saw a few photos, thank you very much Ank, we have a place for walks, you and Micky, me with Aja and Laura and Bentleyd wih Denise, big smile my good fried :-)))))


Facinating photo of the waterway over pass!! I never saw that before!! Now thats a bridge!! Thankyou for showing us! I like the "castle" too! Heck, I like them all!! tee-hee :)


Thanks Sandy Hanne and Sissy. I'm glad you like the first Akkrum collage and I'm sure you will like the other photos too. Hanne you've told fantastic, it gave me a big smile.


Gorgeous thanks Sis ... Hugs


Indeed, Sandy, VERY much to look at!! I do like the "limousine" outside the house and the row of boats having waited for the bridge to open. Like a duck with ducklings lining up!! Gorgeous houses, what an estate!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


A lot to look at in this one. Thanks Ank.


Good morning Denise, we crossed. I hope you read the comment I just wrote. I'm sure you will like Akkrum. I allready worked for an hour in the garden. This afternoon I will do more. I want to take advantage of the beautiful weather.


Good evening Treker and Shirley, sleep tight. Good morning Lorna and Sissel, have a beautiful day.

Yesterday we had very nice weather +15C (59F) and all day sun. Today we have clouds again, no sun, but the temp will be OK. At this moment 11:00 AM it's +9C.(48F).
Akkrum is a very nice village with a few special sights. That large building is one of them. It has a special story and I can tell a lot about it. I made more photos that I will post and then I also wil tell the story. So Lorna you have to wait till tomorrow, I hope you do not mind.
Shirley Friesland has very many villages, and they are all close together. If you take the country roads you can pass 5 villages in 10 minutes. Everything is close. NL is just a small country.


So now we are in Akkrum and already I like what I see:-) I am looking forward to all the pictures to follow. Lovely card Ank, becareful of your back when you do the garden:-))


Morning Ank - yesterday lovely weather - today even better up around +10C - so out in the sun :-)


I agree with Shirley; it looks a very nice place. What is the large building in the middle picture on the right?


Looks lovely, Ank, the towns and villages are very close together, only 10 minutes drive.


Thanks for these Ank!