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Hi Kathy! How could I not leave some nice comments about your puzzles? They're gorgeous! I would bookmark your puzzles if I was able to solve puzzles anymore, but instead I looked at all of them which was a real treat. You have a wonderfully artistic eye. :-) And on a side note, thank you for your compliments. :-)


Wendy, this is left some very nice comments on some of my puzzles. Thank you again. You puzzle above is indeed beautiful!!!! I also love your avatar. Exceptional job and I am bookmarking a bunch of your work. I enjoy doing puzzles and also making them. Sometimes I get so caught up in making them, I get way behind on solving LOL Keep your beautiful works of art coming :-)


OK, Mandy, the next time I put aphids in a puzzle, I will call it "A Plethora of Hues in Dancing Stars." hehehe

Amy, now what am I supposed to do? OK, "A Plethora of Hues in Dancing Stars that Can Easily be Mistaken For Sea Stars in a Quilt."

Ardy, yes, Mandy has quite the vocabulary and imagination...and so do you for that matter. Thank you!

whatnauts- Chuckling....thank you, dear one. ;-)


Cool APHIDs. (1:44)


Love Mandy's acronym explanation. It's a very lovely puzzle. Fun, Wendy. Thanks.


I think it looks like a colorful sea-star quilt


I agree with Pat, such a pretty puzzle should not be associated with destructive bugs!!! So APHIDS = A Plethora of Hues In Dancing Stars. Its a lovely puzzle, Wendy.


Laughing out loud! Last night I liked a bunch of flowers I created, but this morning when I relooked at them, I wasn't nearly as pleased. So I posted this for the reason why...aphids must have attacked them while they sat in the folder. Anyway, I did end up posting two flowers with my Wendy13 alias after all. What's so bad about aphids anyway? LOL


What a super puzzle! What a horrible title! LOL! "Aphids"? APHIDS?!!! This is much too beautiful to be called that!