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Cosmos or Cosmea

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Last year I put 6 Cosmos plants which my son had grown from seeds, in the ground. Despite my deadheading they must've dropped seeds. I now have self sown plants and even more than last year!!! I searched in my file of 2018, where all the various colours and patterns are shown, but there wasn't one with the same pattern like the one in this puzzle old plants produce new plants with yet again (more) different patterns!!!!


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Yeah, Nancy, it seems like it produces beauties again this year! Perhaps these 'voluntary' plants are even stronger too! Today I've again discovered 2 different varities on the same plant! :-))


So pretty! Looks like it is pleated and the white splashes look so artistic. :-))


Right, Marilyn...I agree!♥

Thank you, Pammi. I really love the beautiful pattern in this beautiful colour flower!♥♥

Thank you, Anne. Why don't you share and send her this would be great if she could! ☺♥☺


Lovely colors and pattern. I've a friend who does fabric paining and I'm wondering if she could replicate the stripey effect in those colors....


Really lovely, Impie. Those little splashes of white against the lovely pink is so eye-catching. ♥♥


Just like people the next generation is different in some manner.


Thank you, GG. Not only do the flowers bloom in different colours and patterns, but also the shape of the edges of the petals are not always the same! It just amazes me!♥

You can say that again, Ella....the stems of the self sown plants are thicker and perhaps therefore stronger than the home sown ones I planted last year!? ☺

Thank you, Lynetteoz.....Mother Nature sure is...and they are mostly nice and beautiful surpises, too! :-)

It's very interesting indeed, nillie, thank you. Last year there were also different sizes of flowers, the number of petals and the shape of the edges of the petals....just like the different colours and patterns in the flowers. I wonder if pollinating has something to do with it, or that the plants, like Ella and Faye suggested, have a mind of their own! Either way they are all beautiful in their own way!
Have a nice Sunday ♥♥


Vety interesting! as if this plant combines two diffrent in size plants with ration of 50% to 50%. Now the question is if the palnts of last year were indeed different in size. However, this flower is beautiful "as it is". Thanks Impie, have a nice Sunday ♥♥


Lovely flower Impie and another reminder that Mother Nature is full of surprises :-)


Apparently they have a mind of their own, which makes it intriguing for us!


Very pretty indeed! I love the colors and the shape of the edges of the petals. Thank you, Impie!




"I will do what "I" want to do! Thank you very much." LOL ;D