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Somewhat Clearer Photo Of Xmas Cactus Buds

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LOL, treker. :-D ...........

Got it, Mimi. I hope you saw the link down at the bottom of the page in the link I specified. The author, Paul something, really went to great depths in his advice, etc. I learned a few more things I hadn't known...............


Ann, I left a message for you on my cactus puzzle. Thanks for all your help.


Wow,...all such great advice! Idaho's summer heat can be brutal on many plants. My C.Cactus has never been outside! I think it's time for an "adventure." Very interesting David re: the Sept/Oct dry spell. Thanks everyone for the imput. One thing's for sure,...I can't hurt this plant anymore!


Mimi, you don't need to buy another one unless you want it to be already as large as the one in your photos. You can just break off a section of two or three leaves (or a whole stem) from the one you have. Plant it about half the length of the lowest leaf in DRY soil. Water after you see a new leaf peeping out the end. They are SO expensive to buy a big one. .............


Thanks Ann, I shall heed your good advice! I like the idea of the 2 plants. I'm going to get another one!


Hi Ank. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Do you just have one plant? When mine begin to get too big, or growth becomes a bit lopsided, I break off the 'offenders' & plant them. I have quite a few now!! :-) My largest one is the one the wrens keep nesting in every year. I've given up trying to get them to use the birdhouse I placed about three feet from the plant. I've decided to just let them have it!....................

Hello Mimi. If it is doing well I'd just leave it alone for now. If the 'leaves' feel thin, soft, or limp it might need a little water but it sounds like no water is necessary right now. After blooming has slowed down it might need a sip--I said "sip", now, not big drink! :-) Always watch the leaves for stress as far as needing water. If they get like I described above, then they do need a drink. The leaves should always be firm, fleshy, thick, & green. You might put it outside for awhile after it has bloomed. I'm not too sure what to tell you~~I always leave mine outside until the last moment. They always bloom outside (they like the cold) before our first freeze & are still blooming when I bring them in. After they have finished I leave them in or put them out for the day all winter, depending on how cold it is. What you & everyone else can do is have two plants & leave one inside all the time just to see which way works better for you. I'm not at all an expert on these things, I've just had some for a long time & I know what works for me~~it might not work for everybody. My oldest plant is about 18 years old now. It is the Granny of most of my others and is the one in the photo. I have been trying to get several colors but keep forgetting to. I also have one red Easter cactus I got last year & it's looking pretty good now. I hope it blooms for me this Spring.
So good luck with your cactus. After blooming you might break off a couple of leaves to make new plants..............


I got my first Christmas cactus about 2 weeks ago and so far it is doing fine. Ann I'm so glad to know your "rules", our climate is hot and humid too, only 1 or 2 light freezes. I think your rules would work fine for me. I have not tried putting it outside - it is blooming well right now and has many buds. Should I give it some fresh air before it gets colder? I haven't watered it yet - I usually drown plants so I'm trying to neglect this one a little, but I've had it about 2 weeks. When do you think I should water it?


Hi Ann, here we just keep them in the house, outside will be too cold for them. I just made a photo of mine. I'll post it tomorrow, that will be in about 17 hours.


Good for you, Elfie. I don't have an all white one yet. Next on my list..........

Jacques, thanks. It shouldn't be long now. I have an orange one, about a year old now, that I was hoping would bloom this year but so far no buds. Maybe next year..............

Hawhawhahahaw, you guy & gal! ;-D As I said twice--everybody has their own formula. Reading your comments, Ank & David, I'm becoming convinced that some of the different 'rules' for growing them may have to do with climate. Here in Fla. it gets SO hot, although the air is humid so I water mine lightly every couple of weeks, before and during budding, no matter the month, if I think they need a drink-- right up until they DO bloom, then I slow down while they rest from their 'labors'. I don't let the soil become soggy--that WILL rot the roots, but I do water them. I move them whenever necessary if storms are expected--I don't want them blown over or ripped up. And in the winter they go back outside frequently, just as long as they are not exposed to a freeze, in which case I bring them back in again beforehand. So I guess the best way is : whatever works for you where you live is the best way.
For all of you out there who have these lovely plants--and they are lovely all year round--I hope you have an abundance of christmas cactus blossoms, in all their striking colors, during this holiday season. And let us share in their beauty..............


He is in bloom, soon you got pretty flowers ann!


David you are so right. And one more, As soon as the buttons are growing, don't move it. Tomorrow I will make a photo of mine. So beautiful.
Thanks Ann. I solve the other tomorrow, Almost bedtime.


I'd like to add to Ann's encouragement - it will bloom one day!!
And one more very very easy piece of advice...don't water it at all during September and early October. Let it get very very thirsty over those six weeks and it will set flower buds on every stem.


Ohhh, I've got a white one too!! Thanks so very much Ann!


Well, treker, you're not doing EVERYthing wrong! ; ) They are succulents so they don't like too much watering. And they are still alive after three years! I don't know why someone would tell you not to move them--what difference could that make? We move other plants. It does so happen that mine get put on the East side of my house, but two of them are situated where they also get some afternoon dappled sun. One of them is the one in the photo--it is in a pot but I have several in hanging baskets so that shouldn't matter to yours. As I said, everybody has a different formula. I just happen to think that almost all plants, like children, benefit from SOME sunshine & plenty of fresh air, the proper food in moderation(they're growing, aren't they?), exercise( a bit of a breeze to flex them a bit), and the right temperatures to keep them strong & happy. Leave them in the pot they're in, give them a tiny bit of weak fertilizer, and let them go outside & play if it's not freezing! Bring 'em back in at night if you want to. With a little help it MAY not be too late for a bloom or two this year.........


Thanks so much for the primer on the C.Cactus! I've been doing EVERYTHING WRONG!!!
I was given a "start" of 3 branches. I was instructed to pot them and put them in one spot and not move them. A place where they would get just morning light. My plant is hanging in an "ancient" macrame creation from years back. They are still alive, no thanks to me, I water the plant infrequently as instructed. Too much water would rot the roots I was told.
I've never fertilized the plant! This plant is getting some TLC tomorrow!!!
Thanks again for the heads up! ;>0


Thanks, Pat. I have several in various stages. I'll put up some more puzzles when they get going good............

Oh, David, so soon? Has there been that much cold up there? I've never had any re-bloom--I think they wear themselves out in the first go-round! Haw! Hope yours do re-bloom................

treker if it is a fair size, with 3 or 4 good branches and several leaves, it should bloom. Everyone has their own formula for success but mine has worked well for me. After the last freeze of Spring I put mine outside where they get dappled sun/shade--not direct sun for more than an hour or so, but they can have dappled all day--and leave them all Spring, Summer, & Fall. I feed them a liq. general purpose fertilizer maybe 3 times during this time. Then after we've had several nights in the 40s I give them a diluted booster, the last feeding of the year. Leave them outside until the weatherman says it will freeze that night & then bring them inside. They LOVE cold--it inspires them to bloom--but they don't do well at all if they freeze. Christmas cactuses are COLD weather bloomers--they Must have several nights of cold to set plentiful flowers. After that freeze you can put them back out for awhile but you must bring them back in before another freeze. Mine go in & out several times before I leave them inside & by then they are usually past their peak.
I know it sounds complicated & a bit of work, but it isn't, really---& sooo worth it. Just remember, simply---outside in some sun but mostly dappled after no more freeze, feed 'em a few times, let them get several doses of COLD, but not freeze, & bring them in when it will freeze.They love cold; that makes them want to bloom. I hope this works for you. Go ahead & try it--put them out now if you aren't freezing during the day. Good luck..........


Ann, I've had one for three years and no blooms! These are promising and I'll await the puzzle when it's in full bloom. ;>)


Up north ours all bloomed way early this year - mine was finished about two weeks ago, but I've been watching and it might give another round of flowers soon...


They have pretty blooms. My mother always had one. Thanks for the memories.