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3 young cockatiels I just bought.

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I answered your question about the horses on my puzzle. Sue


Their breeder told me the cinnamon pearl is a female, the pied is a male, and of the 2 lutinos, there are one of each..... but he's not 100% sure of the lutinos. They haven't even been weaned yet.


Heidi - I found this horse video you might enjoy!
Happy Birthday, Jan


When they are mixed color, you can't always tell, but usually the male has a brighter orange patch. I have a yellow male who is the exact twin of his mother. You know the sex for sure when they start whistling and flirting with their foot (male) or are mostly quiet if female. I've raised a lot - not on purpose - they love to breed - and still have 4. They can live 20-25 years (my oldest one) They aren't very good talkers but will learn a few words. Great pets.


Congrats ~ I didn't make the board, but have to say "how cute are these guys?" The one in front looks FEISTY!! Do you know which is male or female? Do they have a very long life expectancy? Can you teach them to say words?


Still being hand fed. The youngest, the 4th one, another lutino, isn't in the shot.


Once a zookeeper, always a zookeeper. It's a problem I have.

beautiful little birds, x