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The Lions

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Hi katzmum. You are welcome as always !!


Great photo and I love hearing the legends of the mountains-fascinating,thank you!


H laurajane and Ank. I'm glad you like the picture and the Westcoast legend.


Oh Cathy what a beautiful story. Thanks for telling. And it's good, that two sisters they deserve this place of honor.


Wow, that is an amazing story, cevas. The haze looks nice over the mountains.


You're very welcome, pumpkinhead.


One terrific story from the First Nations. Thank you so much for sharing that!


Thank you for your comments Ank and goingsilver.

The First Nations people call these mountains "The Two Sisters".

The tribe living in this area was at war with the tribe to the north. A long bitter war.

The chief of the local group had two lovely twin daughters. When it was time for them to "step from childhood into womanhood" the chief planned a huge feast. Friendly neighbouring groups were invited.

The two girls asked him to invite also the enemy tribe from the north. The chief was upset! How could they ask for such a thing?! But he agreed and sent messengers to the north.

While the feast or pow wow was in progress many boats approached. Every man, woman and child of the enemy tribe had come. The canoes were filled with food and gifts. They were welcomed with open arms and the celebration was legendary!! From that day on there was peace between the two tribes. Their descendants still live in these areas in peace.

Because of what they had done, when they died, the GREAT SPIRIT, immortalized the two girls by changing them into stone and placing them high above the other mountain peaks.

So these are not two lions protecting Vancouver from enemies. They are two sisters watching for friends to arrive!


Grand looking mountains - one of the reasons I liked Vancouver so much was that it is a city with every kind of scenery in and around it.


Love it Cathy. I wanted to ask about the snow but you did tell. Thanks. And like it how this lions watch Vancouver.


Hi gemstone. That could be true. I have not heard that version


I was told years ago that it should actually be spelled "Lyons" and that they are named after friends of Captain George Vancouver...but don't know if that is the correct version.


Hi JC and PKH. Thank you for your comments. Apparently they were given that name because they looked like the lions in Trafalgar Square, London.


Hear them roar!


I agree with Chickie, cevas. Nice shot. I think it's so neat to have those peaks "standing guard" over Vancouver.


Thank you for your kind comment, chickie. You can see that the snow and ice didn't totally melt from last winter. And now, in the Westview picture, the new snow is arriving.


It's still a nice shot cevas. Thanks


These are part of the Coastal Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. Sorry the picture is so hazy. It was a hot day in early September and I zoomed in as far as I could.