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4 for Snooker. Lake Minnewanka from the trail.

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Love the view thanks Maria

Lovely view, reminds me very much of Colorado. So peaceful


A nice vista you found, Maria. Hope you will find good trails to hike until your usual haunts are accessible again.

Glad you found a place to hike on Thursday and it looks like a lovely place too. Great view of the lake. Think you posted a puzzle of the Barrier Dam about a year and a half ago in the winter time. It didn't look like a place I would want to cross any time of the year. :) You have more adventure in you than I have any more.
Have been going to the gym one day and swimming the next day (throw in one day of shooting pool each week too) and that is my routine at present. Not losing any weight but getting a few muscles here and there.
Have to go back to Houston on the 25th - probably more eye surgery for my husband. Hate the drive - 360 miles each way and a few nights in a motel there. If I disappear for a few days you will know where I am.
Take care Maria and stay safe.


Mount Inglismaldie (right) and Fairholme Range rise above the Lake's Souther Shores.
Banff National Park.


Hi Snooker,
We couldn't hike Prairie View as I had mentioned last week, highway 40 in the Kananaskis is still closed from the Wedge Pond ( little way up from the Kananaskis golf course) Lot of the bridges are down and in order to hike Prairie view we would have to cross Barrier Dam and they don't think is safe to do so. We drove to Banff and found a hike:) I have copied some of the info from the Internet.

The C Level Cirque trail is one of the more attractive hikes in the Banff-Lake Minnewanka vicinity. In less than 4 km it climbs past artifacts of the long-defunct Bankhead coal operation (1904 to 1922) and a panoramic viewpoint for Lake Minnewanka to a high rockbound pocket beneath the sheer east face of Cascade Mountain.
The trail starts at Upper Bankhead, off Minnewanka Road about 7km north of the town of Banff.
As the trail continues to climb we passed several fenced in holes in the ground; these are vent holes from the mine shafts below ground. As the trail heads into the forest, it begins its uphill slope -- and it doesn't give you a break in the climb, until you're at the top.
Six of us had a great time on a sunny day!
Trust all is well and keeping cool:)
Till next week. Take care my friend.