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Raining Cats and Dogs

221 pieces
140 solves
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So glad you were seized by a brainstorm even if it was a weak and feverish moment! ;-)
Thanks for asking about my friend (you, too luthien if you check in!). She ended up not getting it again...3 Mondays in a row now...her platelets weren't high enough, so she will have a scan done in 2 weeks, get see the results and go from there. She was SO disappointed, really thought it would happen this time. Check out Callie_Lou and see what I did with my bonus spare time...with you in mind, of course! I still had a fever when I drove down to pick Callie Lou up, so I can't fuss at you (much), just don't push it too hard, ok? Glad you made such good use of your sick time...your adoring fans appreciate what you do for them! ;-)))))


Hi Java, you will be happy to know, I'm running out of huge pictures, so I'm playing with the idea that maybe one or two days out of the week I'll post beautiful yet boring skinny jigs. I know I'm in the minority when it come to loving the large puzzles but that's just how I roll.
Thanks for sending me healing energy, I need it! I've missed two days of work over this flu. Geez, I haven't been this sick with a virus in years, finally broke my 101 temp this afternoon but I'm still running a fever. I can't afford to miss any more days off work so I'm going in tomorrow, fever or not.
Anyway, since I've been home these last few days, I was going through some of my pictures & realized I had so many really pretty ones that I haven't posted because they were in the 220 to 150 piece range. Soooo, it was probably the fever...........but I think I'll will start posting one day of nothing but skinny puzzles on the darla profile. This should curve your crying, moaning, screaming and ripping your hair out!!!
How did your friend make out yesterday? I pray this was her last treatment & she receives another clean bill of health!!!
I'm glad your enjoying the skinny puzzles tonight!


Gracious YRH, what restraint you are exercising...4, count 'em, 4 posts of less than 1,250 pieces (each)!!! What is the word coming to...maybe raining cats and... ;-))))))))))
Hope you're on the mend, taking it easy (what else can you do?!?) and know I've been sending healing energy your way, my friend! ;-)