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Old Country Store

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My Mum & Dad had a slightly more modern version than this from 1949 to the mid 1980's in a small village. Dad was also the baker & we had a wood fired oven out the back. I had a wonderful childhood growing up behind the store. We knew everyone - farmers & good country people! Our family went back for the school's 150th Anniversary 2 years ago. Thanks for the memories chookie!!


Great one chookie. Nothing like a good old fashion general store.


Of this set, I'm glad this one is not abandoned. :>)


....and I'd like to sit there all day long with yu, Robbie, and listen to all the tall tales of how BIG the fish was and......!!!!


Oh I could sit there and listen to lies all day long chooks, maybe even tell a few myself!! Thanks for the fun, good party going on.


I see no reason why we couldn't chew tobacco and have a spittin' competition, tex, 'cause the old fella inside sells the stuff!! Hey, why not, could be a lota fun!! See you there shortly!!


Chooks, you meet me there in an hour and we'll rock on the front porch and drink Cokes. Too bad we can't chew tobacco & have a spitting contest!


Very good set chookies like those old buildings, bet many stories could be told from them :)


You just missed them, they were there a minute ago, lyndee! Inside buying ciggies I guess!!


What's missing? The old men.


I'd like to step inside and hear that screen door slam behind me.


fodus, you can find the most interesting things inside these old stores too! Sometimes it's like stepping back in time!!! The store owner's can be interesting characters too!!!!


Ank, I understand fully. Not all of us can sit all day on jigidi as much has to be done. It sounds as if your week isn't going to be a pleasant one but you will be in my thoughts, and others, and hopefully we'll see you back soon, as bright as a button!! Of course I'll miss you, stay safe, my friend!! Hugs


There must be some pretty interesting items, too...maybe posters, metal ones, advertisements, etc.


Lovely Chook. I had an other bad day for my backlog. Terrible, I could not solve more as about 10 (incl. my own). And this week it will be worse. 2 funerals, driving a small 1000 km. So there will not be much Jigidi time. I hope you will have a beautiful day, Monday morning I can't post. If you miss me, just know that it's a (dirty word) week.


These old stores can still be seen in our small country towns - they still sell ice and they still have a chair or two out the front where the old timers can sit and chat about the good ol' days - and it seems as if every store sold coca-cola back in those days!!

Thanks for your input, Angelbender, punkin and shirley:)


Love it, reminds me so much of the shops in my old home town, many years age. Thanks chookies.


Anglebender-Once you get that sandwich (on that chewy white bread, of course) and that cold RC cola, you can sit on that porch, savor your treat, and have a chat with the proprietor. The stories she/he must have to tell!
Thanks, Chookies! This is a great one!

I love those double screen doors. It is nice the aqua chair is color-coordinated with the tin roof. Real designer touch.
Bet they can make you a cheese and baloney sandwich with mustard and find a cold RC Cola to go with it, too. Thanks, chookies.


You're welcome, goingsilver and Gladstone - thanks for stopping by:)


The chairs are still waiting for someone.


Love it! Thanks chookies.