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Hurricane Florence - more than 50 inches of rain forecast for Wilmington

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Florence's relatively slow movement (not to be confused with her high winds) inland means she is picking up lots of moisture from the ocean. The latest models forecast more than 50 inches of rain over the course of the storm in the Wilmington NC area. This coupled with storm surge of up to a whopping 13 feet! as waves pile in, driven onshore by the stalled storm.

See my other Florence puzzles, just published, for information on what the colour graphic indicates, and why this proves this is one heck of a flood risk.

This is a really serious and terrifying situation. :( thinking of everyone in the Carolinas and surrounding areas.


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windspeeds dropped, downgraded. now to a tropical storm - but the flood risk is as bad as ever. At least fewer trees and roofs etc will by flying around, which means rescue workers are a little safer out there.


I've never heard of anything like this. Praying continuously!


I just can't imagine what it must be like there right now... more than half a million people have lost their electricity...


Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?


yup we had flooding in my storage locker one year, it was pretty awful at the time but not a big deal (my VCR I never use was ruined and some furniture and a bunch of my aviation notebooks which was frustrating at worst).


Makes me really appreciate that only my basement got "flooded" with 3" of water!!


mine neither.


It sure does Mazy!! My "bad" days are nothing like this!


It sure puts things into perspective about 'having a bad day,' hey.


Keeping all in harm's way in my thoughts and prayers!!