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I wish I could come for tea, Phyllis. I'm sure we could have loooong chats about our home country. I hope you soon feel as if it is "your home"!! :-)) Hwyl


Had our first fire today, temp down to 3c last night, not so cold tonight though.


Yes, you will be welcome to come for tea!


ah, the trials and tribulations of a new home. phyllis!! lol it will be so nice when it is all finished! :-))

Still cold but sunny. Coldest March since '61. Second coldest since records began.

Cheers to you both!!


Oh dear the Blues and the Chiefs, we just don't talk about it John. As long as the game is clean and fair I have no problem with who wins, but my man is not of the same ilk I fear! nuff said:-)

Yes, we had rain last night and this morning, got the washing dry after lunch however, and that tells the story I guess. not eough to break the drought. The carpet lady came today and asked if we wanted to choose another carpet. "Show me some" says moi, so she got four samples and would you believe it I chose the same one as last time.We will just have to wait. The lino goes down in the morning, kit/dining/laundry and loo. The the kitchen goes back in, the frig and DW arrive from the shop and Len carries on painting. Hey ho!

The clock has just struck the half hour, it's 1:30am, so its a chamomile tea for me and sleep, sleep, perchance to dream:-) Pob Hwyl - Phyllis


Strange about the carpet, Phyllis!! I know some parts of NZ have been desperate for rain. We just want to get rid of our cold weather!! No snow here but 20-30' drifts in Snowdonia!!

Keeping busy is good for you both!! Glad that you are both well. I was thinking of the battle in your house last weekend, as the Chiefs and Blues were playing!! LOL


What a brilliant photo John. Can't you imagine the tug telling the photographer to get out of the way as 'He' was not going to stop! The captains must have great courage to do what they do. Hop you are ok John? We are fine, Len still busy painting, but he is enjoying it [mostly] carpet people come back again tomorrow. The carpet we chose was ruined in the making of it:-((

We had rain tonight, two rather heavy showers and there is a cold front front coming up from down south, so maybe our autumn is now going to take control. Take care my friendand stay well.