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Zippy Star Flowers- Alternate title: Venetian Blind Striped Flowers

64 pieces
241 solves
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Hi Edie. I'm delighted you found me again. I 'lost' quite a few puzzle solvers when I stopped posting in the small size category, but some of you have found me anyway. I'm really glad you enjoyed solving this puzzle. :-)


I just found this as a result of the one you posted in the small size a couple of days ago. I usually only look in that category so I've been missing out on some of your great puzzles like this one. Thank you Wendy I really enjoyed it.


Barb, don't ever feel like you should solve one of my puzzles. If you want to solve one of mine, fine. If not, that's fine too. When I solved puzzles, even my Favorites would sometimes post a few days worth of puzzles that I didn't feel like solving.

Thank you dears- Pat, Mandy and whatnauts. Venetian Blind Striped Flowers it is!


This is a wonderful puzzle, Wendy. I like PD's idea of venetian blind flowers :))))


Wonderful!!! I love the stripeness of all these!!! Thanks Wendy


Venetian blind flowers--love them!!!!!! Absolutely wonderful!


Wendy, you create wonderful puzzles, just wish I had the time to solve more. I try to do at least one puzzle a day of my favourite people and you are on my favourite's list. Sometimes it's just not always possible. :-)


Barb, I just now saw your circle puzzle and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!


Well, Barb. What I do know is that your eyes are fine and dandy when it comes to creating your puzzles. ;-)


Last week I went to the opthamologist for a check up and she said my eyes are in great shape. But you would never know it if you saw me struggling to put the pieces in the right place, Wendy. Love the puzzle and enjoyed seeing the results but I won't tell you my time. LOL Thanks, Wendy. :-)


Thank you very much, Mariasha, PJ, and nikitakari. Nikitakari, welcome. I've never 'seen' you before and am delighted to know that you're lovin' my puzzles. I love it when someone 'new' let's me know. :-)

I am lovin' your new puzzles!


How creative, Wendy - what a neat flower variant.

Very creative and certainly fun to do...thanks Wendy.