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great blue heron, juvenile

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He had been preening for quite a while, the tip of his beak is still covered in tiny downy feathers :)


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Yes, the rangers frown on walking on wet trails and sometimes tape off the entrances, but we didn't get that much rain and there weren't any puddles blocking the trail anywhere. I don't think I can manage a walk today, though. :-(


'In theory' is right Ginni! (or at least would be right for me). Whenever my planning, for whatever reason, can't go through I indeed always think : 'oh well, now I can do...whatever'. It very seldom happens that I indeed do get some work done on an occasion like that :((((
If it was raining in the morning, would your paths be dry enough in the afternoon for a hike? I thought it was very much frowned upon : walking on wet paths???


Thanks Lia!! :))


Thanks yarnover!! my pleasure :)


Thank you Anne. He indeed did look very healthy :))


Thank you Shadydaze!! :)


Great shot! It is raining here. In theory, I am going to get a lot done (mainly sorting and filing, with some shredding) around the condo. In reality, I slept in an extra two hours. Part of that can be blamed on the thunder and lightning at 3 a.m.! We don't usually have obnoxious weather that interferes with my sleep. Wish me luck! :-) I should be able to go for a walk this afternoon, though it will be cloudy.


This picture is indeed (again) a prize-winner!!!

One of your best!!. Thank you.


Hello you teenager, you! You look like you'll be a gorgeous adult. Wonderful close up, schutkleur.