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Mary Travers left us 3 years ago today

35 pieces
96 solves
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Thank you for the Spirit Bear note...I, too, have it bookmarked...don't know if I'll ever catch up...too many good ones! LOL

Also, I keep forgetting to phone my cousin and find out how the thunder shirt works on her dog...these people that have working hours make life difficult! I'll try to remember this week. LOLOL


Congratulations on your new addition!


Hi Libby! I've been away for a couple of days and just read the news...You're going to be the mom to the blond little darling of jigidi! Congratulations!!! Keep us all updated. :))))))


Have you checked out the "thundershirt" on line for your furbaby?


Thanks Libby. She was incredible!!! I still listen to PP&M music. Puff the Magic Dragon was one of my favorites of theirs.


A talented lady. Saw Peter and Paul at Bethel Woods just before Mary passed away.


I enjoyed this puzzle, Java, and the comments, as well. Miss her, too.

BTW, I reposted the Dear Al puzzle that you had mentioned in a comment recently. (the Algebra one) It is on my other avatar's ....titmouse1of2 :))


I listened to the song on the link below while I solved this and then continued listening to a variety of other PPM hits. "When I Die" came up and it almost brought me to tears (such a simple but uplifting little song). Then Where Have All the Flowers Gone? came on. *sigh* I used to sing that one all the time. I had to finish up with the Wedding Song with Paul though...happy thoughts of walking up the aisle to that one all those years ago. Thanks for the memories, javasage.


The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.... Loved her/them


Thank you for your concern javasage


Got to see them in concert many years ago in their prime. Followed them for all of their career. One of the best groups ever, and Mary was as as good as any female talents ever.


You are very welcome! I have been looking at a bunch of their performances on YouTube recently, you may enjoy one of my very favorites of hers:
Mary at her best and most glad to have had her while we did! ;-)

I'm glad that you reminded me of Mary Traverse. I loved her and her two pals songs, absolutely my favorites. Can't believe it's been three years since she died.....


Thanks for posting this, Libby. What a gift she was!


A woman of great talent, courage and conviction...I still miss her, and always will.