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Monday's Flower

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OK guys- I'm never going to get done creating puzzles for this morning...if I respond to all of you individually I'm just going to say thank you, whatnauts, Mandy, Ardy, Norma, and Mary. I read all your comments and smiled reading each and every one of them. :-)


Oh, the Monday Flower Dance! It's a powerful dance because we have survived another Monday. I'm inserting some mournful, sorrowful moves this week because of the Jigidi crash that will happen after solving Friday's Flowers and puzzles and being whisked away on a cruise ship for a week (where the dances will be mostly Salsa since we do the Western Caribbean). Like those steps in the chart you got! LOL 2:36 I just love it in the smaller size to feed my ego! I don't even do a border, just put it together! So much fun! Thanks, Wendy! (Oh, yeah, you sit, I'll dance, you can have credit for the calories burned unless you're as skinny as I am. LOL)


Lovely pattern and lovely colors--thanks for sharing!!


Beautiful, Wendy. I'd love a whole patch of these in my garden. Dainty, lovely, bright, cheerful Thank you.


So bright and cheery. Wendy, did you make the lacy bit in the middle - it reminds me of the doiley's my Mum used to put the cakes on when I was a child (only she cheated and used paper ones!!)


This is an incredibly beautiful flower - the different shades of yellow with blue highlights is a great combination.


PJ, you're being too kind...but thank you very much. :-)


Wonderfully bright and filled with most interesting details.